Enzo’s Monday Motion #98: Infinite Zoom

This week we go to infinity and beyond with five never ending commercials.

Form Follows Concept

Director Oscar Hudson based the concept of Bonobo’s music video ‘No Reason’ around Hikikomori; Young Japanese men who lead an extremely isolated life and stay 24/7 in their own room. There could be no better execution of the concept than an infinite camera zoom, since the literal translation for Hikikomori is pulling inward.

To create the closing world around our main character one would quickly go for CGI. Thanks to the great work of art director Luke Moran Morris (and a huge set consisting of 11 stacked rooms) all the effects are shot in camera. If you want to peak into this reversed shoe viewing box watch the behind the scenes.

Never ending Power?

The infinite loop is not only translatable into a downward spiral. There’s always a positive aspect to it: never ending power.

Even though this is clearly a massive Old Spice rip off I understand the chosen path. Next to films the most streamed programmes are sports related. Showing different devices on different locations is key to the message. The only thing I could criticise is the casting.

The Scaling Issue

One of the issues with an infinite zoom is quality. The easiest way to avoid this challenge is to use vector shaped designs. The unlimited scaling feature was no excuse for BUCK’s Sydney office to take it easy on the design part.

Eight different studio’s delivered designs which were animated in house by Mathijs Luijten, Lara Lee and Josh Edwards. This resulted in an 11 second video where pretty much every keyframe is unique.

The Ripple effect

A small stone in water can create endless ripples. By zooming in on the smallest detail Mobil emphasises the importance of little things. Starting with the the smallest symbol on the keyboard, the dot.

The infinite zoom locks a lot of variables of the execution, like camera work and composition. This leaves time and space to go all out in other departments like production techniques. Animation studio Young created over a timespan of two months the sequence of scenes using multiple production techniques varying from paper stop motion to CGI. This resulted in a very friendly and diverse feeling which you wouldn’t easily link to a product like motor oil.

Art Time

As always there’s the artistic execution of a technique. ManvsMachine created a series of spots to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the legendary Nike Air Max. Using the rich and diverse heritage of this innovative shoe the possibilities are endless. Enjoy the compilation video below.

Last Week

Following the hype of blockbuster quality on the small screen, commercials follow in a high pace. Enjoy these five couture commercials with cinematic quality.


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