Enzo’s Monday Motion #97: Cinematic Couture

Following the hype of blockbuster quality on the small screen, commercials follow in a high pace. Enjoy five couture commercials with cinematic quality.

Tickets Please

If your heritage is strong, make use of it. Through out the decades fashion and technology have changed rapidly, but the recognisable Lacoste polo has never lost its fresh feeling. The short ‘Timeless’ tells the love story of a couple that takes of slowly but picks up speed like a diesel train.

With camera work of award winning DoP Hoyte Van Hoytema, a filmic soundtrack and matching special effects you’re set for a nice ride. I love the build up and transitions through the decades where each train carriage opens the door to the next style. You feel the love for details which makes you want to watch it over and over again. If you’re curious for the technical part watch the making of.

Art House Hit?

Spanish jewellery brand Tous and ad agency SCPF Madrid are most probably big fans of Wes Anderson. They checked almost all his boxes: crazy characters and dito voice over, framing, pastel grading and Gwyneth Paltrow as lead actress. I guess that’s where the money ran dry since the director self is no where to be seen on the creditlist.

The crew still under guidance of director Paco Badia delivered a pleasant short with smart camera trick, great voice over and casting (dog and their owners). It’s hard to point exactly what’s missing, but it doesn’t have that mesmerising touch. Good thing for the great master Wes Anderson him self.

No Tomorrow

Inspiration derives from previous experiences. Similar to the last spot many will see the resemblance between KENZO’s commercial ‘World’ and Fatboy Slim’s ”Weapon of Choice”. Director Spike Jonze (most probably) used the music video as a reference point and delivered a strong product in story and execution.

Everyone finds him or herself sometimes in a situation where they really don’t want to be. KENZO encourages you to unleash your (inner) self and dance like there’s no tomorrow.

Hoyte Van Hoytema is in the hot seat since he was again asked for director of photography. Margaret Qualley dance moves are good, but her own facial expressions are even better! Great casting which also goes for the scenery. Credits for the production Design of KK Barrett.


Last year Burberry celebrated it’s 160th anniversary. For this milestone Burberry’s in house ad agency created a 3,5 minute short which reads like a love story. With so many highlights it’s hard to pick just one. This strong heritage is surprisingly also the weak point of the story. Where Lacoste kept it simple in story Burberry tries to go for the complete saga.

The result is a short that feels more like a trailer than a full story. The positive outcome is that you’re craving for more. It’s up to Burberry to deliver on promise.


The world of fashion seems to go in a stylish slomo pace. That’s if you’re trapped in to the mind of the main character. His vision of the world is slightly different. Writer and director Danny Sangra created this sarcastic short which also stars a classic Mercedes-Benz C111. This makes sense since the spot is to promote the Mercedes Fashion week. The result is a refreshing and funny short. Let’s hope the fashion scene can handle a bit of sarcasm.

More Fashion

Stay in Fashion Land and enjoy the commercials of brands like Adidas, Vans and G-STAR.

Last Week

Light is the primary source for use to see. But without shadows our brain can’t see the full picture. This edition is dedicated to the perfect symbiose between the two opposites.

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