Enzo’s Monday Motion #94: Infomercials

It’s time for our frequent guest: Infomercials. Check out six strong and convincing infomercials especially selected for you.


The majority of infomercials are meant to sell products or service which need a bit of extra explanation. The next one is a classical type which main focus is the inform and create awareness.

Money laundering is not a victimless crime. The spot urges financial professionals to report their clients’ suspicious activity. What I like about this video is that the visuals don’t over communicate (as in explain every word). They only highlight the main key words which if for me the way to go. This gives you time to create a matching style and pace that the message demands. Concept by The Telegraph and animated by WeCanMake.

Humble brag time

Many sport apps are becoming social platforms on it self. You can follow your friends activities, like them or add photo’s. Strava thought why not copy facebook’s well used year review! Since the core of their content is still exercise-data the concept and execution should be based around these key features.

The concept by Stink Digital and design director Douglas Bowden (aka Pandayoghurt) is evidently based upon Bowden’s previous work for D&AD. Having said this, they did take it to the next step by using props and features of the Strava audience (which is mainly for cyclists). The end result is something that looks great, even if you’ve only took your bike for a single spin around the block.

Beat the O-Gap

Something men don’t really brag about is the lack of stamina in the bedroom. No worries, help is on it’s way with Promescent. The gamified infomercial explains quickly how you can beat the O(rgasm) Gap and go for the bonus level. Brilliant concept and design by Tim Ruffle. Animation by Mathew Rees and Trine Sorenson.

Giant Leap

MailChimp is a well known player for sending newsletters. They recently extended their marketing tools for facebook ads, thus making them even more powerful and complete. Like any advertisement medium, the visual part of an infomercial serves to clarify and enrich the message. The art work of Rafael Mayani of Giant Ant is really excelling. It’s brilliant to see how abstract design elements transform into a meaningful feature of the next design. Together with the smooth motion it makes the fusion of newsletter and facebook ad feature so strong, it pretty much sells the product on it’s own.

Better Farming Practices

The Canadian region of Nova Scotia has, like the Dutch climate, its fair share of rain. They created an infomercial to educate and inform the local farmers about Riparian buffer: a natural buffer zone for the benefit of your land, live stock and nature.

I love the illustrative style where they play around with (human) proportions. The video is produced by Wonderlust, script and direction by Ryan Rumbolt. Special credit to the the artwork of Santiago Oddis.

Extra Love

Pet projects always receive the most love for details. To celebrate Tendril São Paulo studio first year anniversary they created this motion gem based upon the concept what people thought when they were just a kid. The funny stories get funnier with the short visual stories. Directed and designed by Daniel Pommella.

More Infomercials

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