Enzo’s Monday Motion #93: Food

Do not watch this menu of motion when you’re hungry.
I warned you…

Superfood Breakfast

We kick of with the most important meal of the day: a healthy smoothie filled with super foods from Blackmores. As an extension of their ‘Be a Well Being’ platform creative agency The Monkeys delivered a commercial about all the healthy ingredients. With keywords like honest, pure and simple stop motion is an easy choice.

As an Australian brand it makes perfect sense to go for ‘their dialect’ of English. But it’s not the accent, but the tone of voice that does it for me. A perfect match for the style and brand. Directed by Lucinda Schreiber and produced by Photoplay Films.

Compensate over Lunch

Who are we kidding… sometimes we just crave for junkfood! KFC understands that if they make it sound a bit more healthy, it helps easing our minds. Leave that to Ogilvy and the skills of the chefs at Buck to serve a nice spot from the oven frying pan. And if it rhymes it’s true, so let’s order a bucket or…

Soup for Starter

It’s dinnertime and we start of with a soup from the world’s most famous soup can. BBDO New York took a slight risk going for CGI. We get very picky when it comes to food. If it doesn’t look tasty and real, we literary don’t buy it. Leave this to the gifted people at ManvsMachine. With their project ‘Versus’ they learned a lot about 3D scanning. From a dead owl to a dead chicken is than a small step. Assisted by 3D scanning services TNG they delivered a choreographic piece with richly filled soups.

Main Course

Remember what mum and dad said: you can have whatever you like, as long as you eat your veggies. This time I go for a special kind of salad made of dogs.
Droga5 delivered a set of weird spots that are best placed in the art house scene. They’re all based upon the MailChimp campaign ‘Did You Mean…?’ where MailChimp embraces all the misspellings of their name, like ‘MailShrimp’ and ‘Kale Limp’.

Even though all the videos are too strange to understand, they all give a smile on your face. The end result: the (well spelled?) name sticks into your head together with the high quality and personal approach.

Ice cream for dessert

There’s always room for dessert. And according to Ben & Jerry’s there’s room for everyone in the world. With a strong political flavoured commercial they try to convince president Trump polarisation is not the way to go. What the spot lacks in motion and grading it makes up in concept and story. Sometimes it can be so simple.

Last Week

This set of half a dozen spots isn’t accidentally combined. The consistency lays exactly there: the randomness of production techniques.

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Enzo Greco

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