Enzo’s Monday Motion #92: Real Mash Up

This set of half a dozen spots isn’t accidentally combined. The consistency lays exactly there: in the randomness of production techniques.

Frame by Frame

Motion studio Super Very More delivered a nice mash up for the Korean tv programme “History of Our Town”. Live action shots are enriched with frame by frame hand drawings. This technique, rotoscoping is mostly used in shots where you normally don’t recognise the added layer. Unless it’s an over the top superhero film.

In this case it softens the feel and gives it a personal touch. Creative director Kim Youngmin was also in charge of shooting, compositing and editing. Extra credits to the rotoscope work of Seo Yongsik.

Gourmet Series

Canal+ only swerves the best shows, only working with the best. And it has a broad variety in taste, from action movies, to sports or rom coms. The link with a Michelin star restaurant is easily made. Mixing motion styles is almost a given ingredient in this spot. The master piece comes form the menu of BETC, is directed by Antoine Bardou-Jacquet and prepared by Partizan.

If you can stand the heat take a look in the kitchen.

State 2.0

State Design is a boutique production agency who’s been around for a while. To show their growth in size and creativity, they produced this mission statement video accompanied with a variety of motion styles. Showing of in quality, diversity and eye for detail they are a studio to keep on your shortlist.

A little moment in a big world

Maybe the best example of the creative process of an animator is portrayed in his process video. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who ‘visualises the look and feel of motion through self made sound effects. So far for the comparisons. The 3D skills of this team is very nice, but maybe even more the smart use of texture mapping and blending the different styles together. A fun and surprising video directed by Gunner. Last but not least a shout out to audio designer Ambrose Yu.

Aspect Ratio

If you wonder why the hell Buck delivered spots with vertical bars, you have to know the location: social platforms on smartphones. It’s getting more and more important to deliver not only the cinema scope widescreen version, but also a square mobile spot, since that the place where their target audience is constantly present.

This compilation is a result of a campaign consisting of spots, gifs and a (two minute) 360 experience. Even though Huggies’ target audience is actually the parents, the shots are all taken from a child’s point of view. In their imaginary, playful and colourful world it’s completely normal the blend all these styles. In short: spot on.

The Creature of Habit

How many times did you switch your bank? I wonder never. Still people change their perspective and gravity on topics like the environment. The Dutch ASR Bank, who’s well known for it’s well being want to wake up the sleeping customer. Strangely enough they do it with an own written bedtime story.

The felt like world and it’s tangible characters bring back memories of ‘De Fabeltjeskrant’. With a matching soundtrack and voiceover you instant feel that there’s a deeper moral coming up. Hopefully people wake up and take action. Maybe it’s not so odd of a choice after all.

Great work by the people of The Ambassadors who not only created the style and set, but also the CGI and music. The details are brilliant, like the fold in the cover of the old book in the opening shot. This must have a been a pet project for them.

Last Week

Hyperlapse, flow motion, stop motion timelapse… The technique has many names, but it boils down to a fluent camera movement over long distance. Why is it so powerful and how is it done?

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Enzo Greco

Enzo is motion director van Born05 en schrijver van het blog Enzo's Monday Motion. Vimeo

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