Enzo’s Monday Motion #91: Hyperlapse

Hyperlapse, flow motion, stop motion timelapse… The technique has many names, but it boils down to a fluent camera movement over long distance. Why is it so powerful and how is it done?

Vimeo Viral

Independent director Leonardo Dalessandri’s main focus is to travel around the world while making films. During his road trip through Turkey he created the Vimeo viral ‘Watchtower of Turkey’. The beauty of this non scripted film lays in the rhythm where music and scenes are perfectly balanced. He combines photography flow motion with smart matching camera pans where you experience the road trip of 3,500 kilometers in 3,5 minutes as if you visited it yourself.

Star fight

When a technique is powerful it will always reach commercial work. For Neymar’s new Nike shoe we follow the artist Bruno Big creating 999 custom made shoe boxes. What better way to show this tedious and immens work than with a timelapse. The director carefully planned the transition shots for a fluent flow.

For me the video could stop when Bruno was done. Neymar totally takes away the flow and impact. Personally I think they chosen the wrong star of the spot: it’s not the the player, but the shoe box.

Wherever, Whenever

The Dutch energy network is kinda hard to visualise. Still everybody uses is non stop. To show the importance and presence ad agency Johnny Wonder created a series of spots. The hyperlapse shots give, next to the familiar stitching effect, the feeling of power and speed. Effective and matching at the same time. Nice work by director Ben Steensels.

Adrenaline edit

If you’re looking for an independent director and Leonardo (from the first video) is busy, try JT Sing. The two of them could have been identical twins. Where Leo uses the whole world as his canvas, Sing mostly focusses on his hometown Shanghai. Here he tries to bridge the gaps between technology, urbanism and high impact storytelling.

The edit might feel a bit to chaotic, but that’s (apparently) also the general vibe of Shanghai. It’s a joy to see how he can stitch the most random scenes fluently together. He has most definitely proven his skill, but I can imagine that a commercial client would ask for slightly less hectic edit.

The Magic Revealed

it’s always fun to see a bit of the behind the scenes. The next example reaches a helping hand. To promote the Brooklyn Brewery’s MASH tour, filmmakers Landon Van Soest and Paul Trillo, created this hyperlapse spot using more than 3000 stills.

One correction round pretty much every hyperlapse video needs is stabilisation. It’s also good to see how much of the original file you can lose for it so a decent preproduction is key to this technique.

Last Week

Pre production is a must and so is a great concept. Check out the next spots where concept and copy play a big role.

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