Enzo’s Monday Motion #90: Copy

The power of words is not the first thing that pops in your mind when it comes to motion. Without great words (a.k.a. story) there’s nothing to show. This is an ode to all the copywriters who prove how little you need to deliver a strong message.

There’s love in Notes

They might have more popular in the era before WhatsApp but we still use post its on a frequent base. Canadian stationary producer Take Note took a trip down memory lane and delivered a tear jerker spot where we see a lifelong relationship through a series of notes. It’s as simple as it’s strong. I wonder how smoothly the casting went, since we only see hands and handwriting. It’s nice to see how a few props, ‘acting hands’ and of course a few simple but smartly chosen words have such a big impact. It reminds us how meaningful simple thing can be. Great concept by BDDO Toronto.

Fan out with Elle Fanning’s fan fantasy

Time for some cheerful light wordplay. To celebrate Elle Fanning’s first Vogue cover, the rising star shows us her ironic side. How many fanning jokes can you make before people fan out…? A lot apparently! From Elle Fanning fanning herself to a rock to THE Rock and much more. I’m pleasantly surprised that not only the actress, but also Vogue and all the selected brands approved the concept. It proves that if your concept is strong, you can get away with a lot. Directed by Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost.

Pure Prose

To pay a tribute to glorious career of Serena Williams, Nike created this pure piece of proza. A beautiful build up of her life story which is guided by an equally simplistic, but powerful sound and vision. The classic tones and out of focus tennis court shots lift this commercial to an art piece. Another compliment goes to the total flow, which slows down and speeds up on the right time, empowering the impact. Directed by Wieden + Kennedy’s Alberto Ponte.

Beer Bromance

It’s not only how you say it, but also when and in which order. Leave that to copywriter Brock Kirby. For the new Bud Light campaign ‘Famous Among Friends’ we see another friendship build with a mash up of scenes. The structure of the spot kinda works like tv series where you have the bigger storyline and the story within each episode.

Advertising Agency Weber Shandwick proves their next level copywriting by making multiple 15 second versions. Here it wasn’t the plain and simple cut down but a carefully pre-written mini script. A great test to show how much you really need to tell a concept.

Key Words

There’s a subgenre within motion called Kinetic typography, where quotes of famous (movie) scenes are written and animated. Freelance filmmaker Daniel Sax created his own spin of filming the key words in different settings. A tedious job which took him over a year. He can’t take the credit for the copy, but he did deliver a nice execution which empowered the message. Without any form, there’s no message.

Last Week

From words we move over the sound. Put on your headphones for the next set of audio based spots.

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