Enzo’s Monday Motion #89: Audio Driven

If there ever is an edition where you rather put on your headphones than your glasses it’s this one. Another set of audio based spots are specially lined up.


Cooking is not about watching Masterchef or feeding your Instagram account. It’s about putting on that apron and get into the kitchen. Since there’s still no smell button on your remote control, Wieden & Kennedy London goes for that other sense: hearing. With a strong edit and beautiful audio design they awaken your inner chef and run for some Lurpak butter. If necessary Rutger Hauer’s voice gives you the final push. Nice job by director Daniel Wolf.


Women are not only little princesses who live in fairytale land. The spot for Bodyform begins with this psychedelic soundtrack so it can brutally wake you up with a series of hardcore shots. Hearing the impact of a fall or breaking toes makes the pain even more intens. What I like is that they also break another taboe: that feminine sports like ballet demand just as intens labour as rugby. The spot is part of a campaign that breaks down taboos around the menstrual cycle and exercise. Concept by AMV BBDO and directed by Stink’s Jones + Tino.

Sounds of Trauma

Sounds can instantly trigger happy memories. Thus is proven so far. Unfortunately this reaction triggers more than only positive feelings. For war veterans daily sounds like an alarm clock can trigger their battlefield experience in a split second.

The David Lyncch Foundation raises awareness for people with post traumatic stress disorder and provides a solution in form of transcendental meditation. The commercial is by the way not directed by not the man himself, but Yan Dal Santo. Special props go to the audio design by Apollo Studios.

The Artist at Work

The best compliment you can give an audio designer is that you haven’t noticed his work. Those ambient sounds you don’t pay attention to are created with the most random daily objects. Lernert & Sander pay a tribute to the audio designer by showing the artist at work.

The (intended) side effect is that every little detail of the new clothing collection of COS is fully exposed on screen. I love that they selected the luxaflex to portrait the sound of the zipper. It might not be the best matching sound, but visually it works perfectly together. Another project of the duo which you want to see over and over again.


The next one is for all the music loving, interactive car fanatics. Publicis Conseil created a spot which is at first a fairly random car commercial filled with the Renault Clio’s new features. In the end it reveals its true reason: by toggling your keyboard, you can compose your own music. The campaign had an online platform which let you share your own creations on the social networks. Music composed and edited by Valery Pellegrini.

Making Of

When you see ballerina’s armed with AK47 you feel this is not your average classic theatre production. The minute long spot from Wichmann/Schmidt’s gives look behind the scenes. From costume design sketches to stylists ironing the final result and from voice exercising opera singer to stretching ballerina’s. The shots and their natural sounds reach their climax on stage, making your linger for more. Nice job by director Casper Balslev and sound design by Martin Dirkov.

Volume Up

Check out the first edition of audio based spots over here.

Last Week

Who needs live action actors when you can work with the more talented animated version..?

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Enzo Greco

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