Enzo’s Monday Motion #88: Characters

Who needs live action actors when you can work with the more talented animated version..?

From Milk to Cheese

Who doesn’t remember the Got Milk campaigns (including the best campaign site ever). Canada is trying to give an impulse to the sales of milk’s cousin cheese! With the conceptual power of DDB Canada and the A-game production level of Genteman Scholar that should be do-able.

The story of Mia & Morton shows how traditional cheesemaking in Canada is transformed into the most creative one in the world. With millennials as a target audience you can’t go wrong with a Pixar flavour. To top it of we hear a classic soundtrack with a fresh twist (Fleetwood Mac’s “Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow” performed by Rose Cousins). The execution level of the whole production is extremely high. The story has a nice build up, capturing the essence of time. The characters develop in a real nice way and it’s surprising that you can tell such a lovely story into only three minutes. Probs to the whole crew including directors William Campbell and Will Johnson.

The Emotion Factory

Brazil’s largest government-owned bank supports cultural events with their organisation Caixa Cultural. The spot peaks behind the theater curtains showcasing the diverse traditions. This blend of styles is extended by production agency Lobo with the use of live action (filming the stage) and CGI (the characters). The case page gives a nice and complete overview of the whole proces.

Avocados on a diet

Sainsbury proves that you don’t need a high end CGI spot to tell a story. Better yet: if you don’t have a strong thought behind it, you’re lost anyhow. Who better than the avocado’s self can promote their benefits? Brilliant concept where we eavesdrop on a typical conversations between two ladies about weight loss.

Sideshow Bob

If your product is more useful than appealing, you quickly go for humor. Another smart suggestion by director Robertino Zambrano is the introduction of the dog as a side character. He totally steals the show and gives the commercial a smile on your face.

Non Stop Tradition

The Yule log is a specially selected log burnt during Christmas. As a gift to the people of New York, television station WPIX broadcasted a two hour non stop video of a burning log. This tradition from 1986 had it’s digital sibling in 2013 where a variety of artist deliver 50 short loops of a burning log. The enthusiasm within the animation scene spread like wildfire and this year nearly 1,000 animations were submitted. Enjoy the piece by Oddfellows where we see a tirelessly lumberjack (re)lighting a piece of hot and steamy fire.

BUCK time

What’s a Character edition without a BUCK-piece right? This spot plays with the fact that Expedia can fill over a 1,000 planes with booked tickets… a day!That’s a accomplishment where even the Red Baron would be jealous of.

More Characters

Craving for more character spots? Start binge-watching with the previous editions of Characters.

Last Week

Whatever brings colour to your life, is worth while. No surprise it plays such a big role in commercials.

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