Enzo’s Monday Motion #87: Colour

Whatever brings colour to your life, is worth while. No surprise it plays such a big role in commercials.

Mesmerising Canvas

Danil Krivoruchko is a director who loves the play around with VFX. He got his hands dirty when he spotted this open source plug in, which alters shapes and colours into mesmerising scenes. The so called neural-style video processing tool is an algorithm that combines the content of one image with the style of another one. Big credits to the people behind this open source tool: Manuel Ruder, Alexey Dosovitskiy and Thomas Brox from the University of Freiburg.

You can follow Danil’s work on his instagram account.

On The Bright Side

If there’s one Apple product who really needs an impulse it’s their watch. If I look at the introduction video of it’s second edition, I almost want to buy one! The spot looks so powerful with a strong edit, music and colours.

Showing of various conditions where you can use the phone. If you’re at work, or working out the watch lets you enjoy the moment with a display that’s two times brighter. I think the spot is ‘slightly’ over promising on the experience side, but I have to give huge credits to the DoP and gaffer for the beautifully exposed compositions.

Paint vs 1: Nostalgia

If there’s one product that totally depends on colour it’s paint. American brand Sherwin-Williams has shown over the years that this can be done in many different story concepts and executions. I’ll give you two different outcomes which all breath the same philosophy.

The first one focusses on charm and nostalgia. Who doesn’t remember playing around with a deck of colour steels at the local home depot. Mix this up with the wonderful colours of nature and you have yourself an inspiring plot for a new paint commercial. Made by Buck.

Paint vs 2: World of Dreams

In the version of Psyop they literary focussed on the product itself. How could they present it on an interesting yet refreshing way? They injected the paint in water tanks. So far it’s not that unique. The fun parts comes with the production phase. They used Spike; a motion control system developed by German company The Marmalade. The computer driven camera is capable of such complex and fast motion, it opens a whole new world of possibilities. Add a Phantom camera (at 900-4000 fps) to this equation and the play time begins! The making of video is a must for everyone.

Second Best

Runner up in claiming colour as their USP is the television. Who doesn’t remember the breakthrough Jose Gonzalez thanks to the Sony commercial. With heavy competition of LG, Sony tries to bring back a classic (also on the sound side with help of Cyndi Lauper’s True Color by Tom Odell).

DDB Berlin traded the 250.000 Bouncing balls for 4,000 balloons and 1,500 kilograms of glitter. The streets of San Fransisco were replaced by a historic Casino in Romania. Produced by Tempo media and directed by Andre Stringer. Even though it’s very nicely executed, it’s not as impactful and surprising as the original.

Summer Time

We end up in nostalgia lane. This time literary. Pepe jeans pays a tribute to their origin: the colourful houses of London’s Portobello Road. Step into the world of Pepe Jeans Footwear for this years Spring and Summer collection. Concept by Imaginarte and Offbeat Estudio, illustrated and animated by Khris Cembe.

Last Week

Drones are the new GoPro: before you know it, your 60 year old neighbour has got one. Fly away for some high level drone shots.

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