Enzo’s Monday Motion #86: Drones

Drones are the new GoPro: before you know it, your 60 year old neighbour has got one. With a fast growing community of drone pilots, comes an evenly increasing amount of high end footage.

Game On

Freerunner Ilko Iliev and drone operator Marin Kafedjiiski should talk to EA sports. Their video is a perfect proof on concept for a new breed of action games. With levels in country or urban settings Ilko jumps from building to building, wake boards over water and abseils from skyscrapers upside down.

Their might be other camera angles which give a better impact of the insane athletic moves, but it sure is a brilliant edit as a whole!


Less commercial, but not less interesting is the concept video of Paul Trillo. In a serene oceanic setting he rigged four DJI Phantom drones with smoke machines and filmed them (again) with drones. With half a dozen operators he choreographed them into a nice ballet where a tedious post production awaited (removing the drones frame by frame). If the Patrouille de France don’t step up their game, they soon will be out of a job! DJI can add this film to their already rich showcase page.

It might take away a bit of the magic, but if you’re interested watch the behind the scenes. This takes away any doubts if the smoke was actually shot or simply created in post.

Mount Fuji

More inception style drones filming drones, this time around the mystical Mount Fuji. Instead of human drone controllers the choreography was scripted and machine controlled. Quite handy if you’re using 20 of them in the middle of the night! Also regarding post production: with 16,500 LED lights you don’t need to remove the drones ; )

The contrast between the ancient mountain and high tech drones is nicely extended within the music. Traditional Japanese guitars (shamisen) are accompanied by beats. I love the concept, but the execution doesn’t fulfill the full potential. Adding a dance choreographer and intenser lights might help a lot. I’m hoping for a new version next year.

Alpine Adventure

Location is key in film. Sometimes it can easily be your star character. Joshua Cowan travelled across Europe not only to find the perfect spot. He also waited for the best time of day ánd weather type: from misty forrest to clear sky sunrises he literary takes drone video to the next level.

Free view

Conceptual work isn’t necessarily limited to art projects. Anomaly London created a set of no less than 400 mini spots for TV provider Freeview. With a cast of 1,000 people they created mesmerising motion patterns, all delivered without any extra special effects. The large amount of videos is there to maximes the relevancy with the broadcasted programmes. A nice and fresh approach produced by DBLG.

Last Week

Are you lazy as a dog or do you work like a horse? Well the following animals are more like us than the other way around.

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