Enzo’s Monday Motion #85: Animals

Are you lazy as a dog or do you work like a horse? Well the following animals are more like us than the other way around.

interesting Combo

Maybe the creatives of JWT London where on (a different type of) drugs while they were brainstorming for the Berocca commercial. The combination of a chameleon, Indian music and this medicine is for me stil a mystery, but it most definitely got my attention!

The story created by director Diarmid Harrison Murray starts of as a BBC Earth close up in the middle of the jungle. You soon realise it’s not that true when the dance moves appear. Credits go to MPC Creative who already proven their skills with several John Lewis Christmas ads.
I wonder how the spot would work if they’ve chosen a different soundtrack. Going Bollywood ads a smile, but it’s not as powerful as the legendary Peugeot commercial by Dutch director Matthijs Van Heijningen.

Pet Project

DDB New York chose Wildlife Conservation Film Festival (WCFF) as their pet project. They created an animated short that doesn’t follow the standard storyline: it starts happy, but ends in horror maximising the impact.

We follow the lives of four endangered species who’s situation only deteriorate due to humans. The soundtrack ‘I’ve dreamed a dream’ is a cover of Les Miserables. Like the original it’s sang musical-style by the main characters.

Extra credits go to the character development of the team at Zombie Studio. It really gives the story an impulse. I do have a question about the stop motion-ish feeling by dropping the frame rate. It doesn’t match the high end CGI style. Even more: it made me wonder if my internet connection dropped for a second.

Top Dog

You don’t need a high end CGI studio to create an animal based commercial, you just need high end animators, like the folks at Henson (from The Muppet Show)! A refreshing approach from Now London who matches varies stereotype shoppers with their animal equivalent: from the frenzy buying (headless) chicken to the well planned owl.

Don’t let the cat out of the bag

For all the non pet owners who are curious why people spend so much money on their pet, here’s the answer: our furry friends know way too much..

If you want your dirty little secrets to remain hidden for the world, take extra care of them. A brilliant concept by DDB Brazil who used the life and breathing version for a change. I wonder if the concept was born during last years Germany World Cup matches..

The commercial is part of a series where the dirty secrets of a widow and a wealthy man are revealed.

Like a fish in the water

Dutch director Matthijs Van Heijningen is most definitely not a one day wonder. The previously mentioned Peugeot spot dates already from 2011 and his Kia commercial was chosen as best Super Bowl spot of 2017. If you look at is portfolio there’s one thing that catches my eye: there’s always a (supporting) role for an animal! I recall a film directing bear, a car body sculpting elephant, protecting endangered whales and rhino or the story behind the extinction of unicorns.

When Leo Burnett created the script for Samsung’s latest campaign around ostriches, there was only one man fit for the job. I see more prizes coming up for Van Heijningen.

Collin the Cricket

Curious to the lethal accidents of Freddy the firefly and Hannah the Hedgehog? Watch the second edition of Animals over here.

Last Week

If you want to make it to the top of the charts, you have to also be a hit on youtube. I’m very grateful for this rating system since it provides us with many interesting music videos.

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