Enzo’s Monday Motion #84: Music Video

If you want to make it to the top of the charts, you have to also be a hit on youtube. I’m very grateful for this rating system since it provides us with many interesting clips.


If music videos are the only rating variable the Russian band Leningrad would be a massive hit. The videoclip is best described as the love child of Guy Ritchie (story) and the Deadpool production team.

Director Ilya Naishuller wanted to create a story that people instantly wanted to see again. Serving them complex tangled storylines which are both ridiculous and interesting. To be absolutely sure he also reversed the storyline beginning at the climax. I have to say it suits the musical build up. Then again I wasn’t really listening since the story was so absurd and brilliantly shot and edited. Great work by production team of Fancy Shot.

The band may not have a break through, but I guess this does count for the director Ilya Naishuller. Remember this name…

Continuing Conversely

A normal production flow for a music video is that the management approaches a director. Matching lasts flow it went in reverse. When French director Quentin Baillieux heard the song on the radio he immediately envisioned the clip and contacted the record label. The story challenges any stereotypes or preconceptions of race and social class which may exist in modern day society. He placed the elite sport of horse racing on Charles X’s hometown.

The clip was produced by Eddy and animated at Brunch Studio. They delivered a unique and distinguishable illustrative style, that actually is produced in 3D. This explains the fluent camera work. Next to Maya the team also used Photoshop and Flash to blend all the footage into one style.

The Side Effect

Where normally a music video is there to promote the artist, here it’s only a side effect. BBH London approached BBC Music’s “Sounds of 2016” singer song writer Frances to raise awareness to women that suffer from domestic violence. The story animated and produced by Le Cube is based on the life events of Melanie Clarke. The ‘highlights’ will be recognised by every woman in a similar situation and hopefully shows them that they’re not alone and a helping hand – in form om the charity Refuge – is nearby.

The production was lead by Le Cube and guided by former head of animation at Disney Clay Kaytis. It’s fun seeing my old friend Adobe Flash again back in action. Too bad they didn’t show more of the transparency feature of the main character in the making of. I assume it’s done in post.

Working on a tight budget and schedule means making tough choices and skip some details. They delivered a high quality animation. Still it feels like the pressure resulted in some flaws like the sliding bus, the flickering transparant main character and the similar inconsistency in the camera pan. If there was no making of video I wouldn’t have guessed they actually printed out and photographed the whole story. I’m all for crafts, but only if it ads value. Where John Lewis added significant features in texture, depth and over all feeling, here they literary duplicated the same end result. I would rather put this extra time in a smoother motion and richer details.


A great example of a perfect symbiose between clip and song is the next example. Designer director Rich Hinchcliffe perfectly matched the mood and intensity of singer songwriter Kev Minney. The simplified illustrations blend in with the stripped down track. I specifically like the grading. The burned out feeling emphasises the outer space and dreamy feeling.

Shy Luv

Let’s go out how we started: with a bang. Music videos are many times an great excuse to go all out and test new features. The Mill directors duo bif used their improved photogrammetry scanning system for the latest track of Shy Luv. We see the DJ duo in an endless skydive session where the women are as tall as skyscrapers. That’s not it: their bodies are jelly like where the bounce around on the women like rubber dolls. Making the clip like the track very enjoyable.

Last Week

Grab your paper and scissors cause it’s time for stop motion’s sub genre paper motion!

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