Enzo’s Monday Motion #82: The Message

Brands know their power in the media. Recently they’ve taking this responsibility to the political stage.

A World of understanding

Wether you’re travelling abroad or walking in your home town: there will always be people who seem (to think) different than you. Looking past these preconceptions makes a world of difference.

By choosing a famous soundtrack Hyatt’s message is clear from the first second. A very wise decision from the creatives at MullenLowe. The (surprising) helping hand from a stranger is the same mentality Hyatt’s claims with their new global platform and brand identity.

We Accept

From the high end Hyatt to the shared-economy version of Airbnb, In their latest campaign they have a very clear and strong message: we accept.
No matter who you are, where you’re from, who you love, we all belong and the world is more beautiful the more you accept. Concept by in-house, directed by Paul Stechschulte and animated by Jarratt Moody.

By claiming a hashtag they had a trending topic during the Super Bowl. The original version from last November might even have a stronger ending. Instead of the hashtag they showed the classic ‘accept button’ you always see at the end of an online booking. Much closer to their core service and less bragging.

Dolls are for girls

To break down this stereotypical perspective Proximity Barcelona created this Audi spot proclaiming every child can play with the toy or their liking. To reach their young target audience they’ve chosen the Pixar way. Where the kids see a fun story the parents see the bigger picture. The execution level by Post23 is top notch making the commercial easily a favourite bedtime movie. Talking about smart branding.

Colour is irrelevant

In the world of sports you are defined by actions, not your looks and beliefs. For Nike this also stands outside the playing fields. This frequently returning theme was shot in black and white. Nothing is done by accident so neither this choice. The reference could be to the era where we made the biggest progress in racial differences (the spot aired on Martin Luther King Jr. Day). It could also be a reference to the core message: the colour of your skin is irrelevant, so the spot doesn’t need one either.

Carry each other forward

The Cadillac spot start like Nike’s in black and white, but for a different reason. Choosing the big contrast it emphasises the negative spiral thinking we’ve ended up. By quickly adding colour and uplifting music they break away from the negativity.
There has always been a positive side action, but it simply did not reach the main stream media. These heroes in the shadow are shown in classic home made videos which makes the message only stronger.

Cadillac’s strong commercial had a strange outcome. Their official statement was that the spot had non political message whatsoever. It’s a good thing that other brands acknowledge their power and make a clear stand. Let’s hope it has the desired impact.

Last Week

Enough of the heavy talks? Here are some festival titles that celebrate the creativity.

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