Enzo’s Monday Motion #81: Festival Titles #3

In the third edition of Festival Titles I focus on the inspiration for each trailer. Five festivals with five different outcomes.

Mix it Up

Inspiration can come from many different directions. Chinese allround designer Xiaolin Zeng claims he bundled two (seemingly) random parts for his beautiful Pause Fest trailer.

The different perspectives come from the Japanese anime Digimon Adventure and the cat perspective was borrowed from the indie game HK. I don’t really see how the Japanese anime stands for different perspectives. It simply was the main theme of this year’s edition. Before it turns into a hate piece I want to give the full credit to the producer, designer and animator in one: I really love his way of working! A thorough research with mood boards, detailed modelling and dito render quality.

Watch the making of to get a glimpse of his workflow.

The Logo

The European Design Awards don’t ring any bells to me, but I did enjoy the 2015 titles by Tony Zagoraios. Inspired by their (apparently yearly redesigned) logo he kept the video in black and white. The story visualises the path how ideas are born. Nicely graded and detailed text animation in the end.


Special effects are like onions build from endless layers of render passes. The following video is most definitely not the masking of, which might disappoint the broader audience. Personally I think it’s a smart concept by The Mill director JM Blay continued into details such as the render passings for the simple vector text names. The scenes are smoothly eased which give a good glance of their production build up. Even for a non 3D fan it’s a welcome addition in this set of title sequences.


For OFFF’s second Moscow edition the organisation asked the locals to do the opening titles. HypeProduction and FastFoxes binge watched Russian classic cinema to deliver a piece that not only the obvious but also the unknown particularities of Russian mentality. Combine this with modern and digital arts and you have one hell of a strong title.

More Mills

Festival titles are often done more for the fame than the money. Lot’s of time it’s presented a sa blanco canvas. As long as it some how relates to the festival(theme) the director can go all in. Digital fuck ups can lead to more than expected. When a flaw render served an repeated line of pixels it gave birth to the concept. Seeing the world as their playground they transformed cities into elegant and warped landscapes.Nice job done by Mill+ Directors duo Bif (a.k.a. Fabrice Le Nezet and Jules Janaud).

More Festivals

If you’re still thirsty check out the previous edition of drinks.

Last Week

Monday is good as any day for a drink. So drinks are one me with this sixpack of refreshing spots.

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