Enzo’s Monday Motion #80 Drinks on me #2

Even though I skipped the whole Carnival it’s still a good excuse the give a round of drinks! Here’s a set of digital drinks which don’t give you a hangover..


Let’s start with the most served drink of the week: beer. Budweiser is one of many brands that embeds a political statement in it’s commercial. The Super Bowl ad follows founder Adolphus Busch on his journey from Germany to St. Louis. A trip where he wasn’t overwhelmed with love entering the promised land. Budweiser claims the story is only about celebrating those who live life on their own terms and never back down.

The ad could easily be a trailer for a blockbuster: the wide screen bars, VFX, a heavy grade and matching soundtrack. The ‘never backing down’ is subtile embedded in the edit: every shot is about moving forward. Most of them physically from horse rides to boat rides. Others with a continuous camera pan movement. I love that all the movement is pointed west, symbolic for his journey from Germany to The States. A great concept by Anomaly and direction by Chris Sargent.


Some brands have such a strong brand identity, they don’t need to add their name. Director Rimantas Lukavicius played around with the iconic glass bottle of Coca Cola. With great help of VFX studio KORB he morphed the bottle to sound, making it even more of an art piece as it already is.


Trivial question: What’s the origin of America’s No. 1 premium bottled water?

The island of Fiji. Trying to expand their market, they debuted at the Super Bowl. Bottled by the source and untouched by man, Fiji Water claims to be the purest of all, bringing peace and nature back to the busy metropolitan world.
The visual concept made me think of another South American drink, but I have to say that it’s a better execution than it’s preceder! With the duo toned background the emphasise the colourful and naturel source. Even though the bottle isn’t as iconic as the previous example, it does work well.

The spot is part of a series where nature perfectly blends into the Western world. Also check out ‘Deep Below’ and ‘Time before’.

Wide, wider, widest

Every medium has different specs: from 16:9 or HD tv, to cinema scope 21:9. The big boss of widescreens however are billboards at sport events. Agency The Royals were tasked with the videobranding of Aperol during the Australian Open. Accentuating the horizontal ratio they created a story where we follow an orange which bounces, dips, rolls and flips through typical summery scenes. With only one goal in mind: a glass of Aperol Spritz.

The detailed anims and lovely eased motion are a joy to watch where you constantly spot a different detail. These looping 360° animation would definitely have my focus above the ping ponging yellow furry ball! Great word by BUCK (including my old colleague Mathijs Luijten).

Coffee Time

Next to the concept of a campaign the determining factors is the output (deliverables). The previous case was already a great example. In this case it wasn’t the extreme canvas, but the variety of deliverables. JVG was asked by Nespresso to produce 50 different (mobile) ads. The concept had to be based upon flexible scenes so they played around with colour and repetition, giving it a fresh and tasteful blend. Concept by Ogilvy & Social Lab, directed by Javier Vallejo.

Popcorn Time

Where Budweiser had the appeal of a feature film, Campari makes one. Ok, it’s not a full feature, but with 13 minutes it slightly transcends the average commercial. if you decide to go for a commercial short, you quickly end up with.. Clive Owen! Like his BMW adventures this short is filled with product placement. The style however is very different: action shots have been replaced by artistic film noir. Therefor the choice for ‘La Grande Bellezza’ director Paolo Sorrentino is also quickly made. If you have the budget you sure can play with the big boys! With BMW in the back of your mind the story has a teasing slow pace, but then again the shots are really beautiful. If you’re a fan of 80s music and style it’s a must see.

Another Drink?

If you’re still thirsty check out the first edition of drinks.

Last Week

Next to drinking it, liquids can only serve another purpose. Check out these set of liquid animations.

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