Enzo’s Monday Motion #79: Liquids

One of the most mesmerising visual effects are based on liquids. Next to seamless transition it can communicate many more things.

The element of life

Water is one of the five elements of life. The short ‘Celeste’ is based upon the powerful ocean and the birth of Venus. It explores the entanglement of light and dark energy and their relationship to the female form. The teaser reminds me of the title animation for ‘The girl with the dragon tattoo’. I’m curious what they will show more since the total duration will be only two minutes. Directed by Adam Swaab and produced by Wolf & Crow.


Liquids are often used to blend different shapes into another. Next to transitions it also accentuates movement and speed. The short ‘Split’ uses these effect to blend two contradicting worlds. In this case the dilemma’s we under go and the black and white thinking. A lovely cel animated short by Cento Lodigian with music form Wesley Slover.

Life Saving

Water is actually transparant, so what we see is actually the impact of light and (air)pressure. The next commercial is a great example of context. Our main characters move differently in the altered gravity and the playful blueish light makes the underwater world instantly clear (ok, the mermaid does help a bit as well ; ) Nice concept by Publicis, produced by Wizz and directed by Flying V.

Brand Vision

Water feels at the same time effortless as powerful. These features can be used as metaphor like Hyundai’s latest brand vision directed by Lewis Hunt. Production agency Trizz delivered a nice film where live action drone shots seamlessly blend with CGI.


If there is one agency that excels in liquid animation it’s Barcelona based Dvein. The next example dates from 2008, but still looks fresh. The main theme for Toca Me’s design conference was “Beyond Surface”. The aim of the title video was to deepen in the thoughts and processes of the artists. Check out their Vimeo channel for me inspirational work.


Similar to Dvein is boutique vfx house Korb. Next to commercial work for Nike they also create own projects like “Infinity water”. Stripping the motion down to black and white they seek complexity within the liquid it self combined with music. Directed by Rimantas Lukavicius.

Last Week

Simplicity in design can be misunderstood as laziness. Often it’s the opposite like these minimalistic motion pieces.

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Enzo Greco

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