Enzo’s Monday Motion #78: Lines & Dots

Fully charged after my wintersport it’s time for some fresh motion!
Simplicity in design can be misunderstood as laziness. Often it’s the opposite.

From a Like to a Love

Director and animator Andrew Vucko wanted to reflect his behaviour on social platforms. How does he – and people in general – choose what is worth posting, sharing or liking? In the short “The Power of a Like” he explored how a person’s like can influence how we all think.

Side Projects

Google has many interesting side projects. One of them is Project Fi, which helps you automatically connect to the best available signal, whether that’s Wi-Fi or one of the three 4G LTE partner networks. There are two video’s available that explain the concept. I chose for the Batman Version. Concept by B-REEL, directed by Chris Kelly, Oddfellows and animated by J Scott and his team.

Album introduction

Alabama Shakes approached Dan Hennessy to create the art work for their third album “Sound & Color’. Strangely enough he chose for an all black & white set up which he handed over to Tigrelab to animate. The abstract approach works nicely alongside the track ‘Don’t Wanna Fight’. It’s a shame they repeated the same animation multiple times. It looses the timing and therefor the impact. My guess they ran out of budget.

Less is

After the redesigned logo French opera house of Saint Étienne needed also a new ident. Eli Guillou continued the simplistic line which played around with the letter ‘O’. Gathering inspiration from a classic metronome and music sheets he composed this nice piece of animation.

No More Ads

Nobody like ads… In fact ad blocker’s are becoming the new standard. The thing is that it’s not a solution, but only a patch. Peter Sunde (known for Pirate Bay) came up with a new model called Flattr Plus: a smart subscription system where you unsubconsciously donate to the content where you engage most with. So the logarithm rewards quality experiences instead of click baits. Watch the teaser where the concept is smartly explained and animated by Sebastian Bap.

More Lines & Dots

The lines continue to animate in the first edition of this theme. Continue reading over here.

Last Time

It’s not what you say, but how you say it. Read about the power of perspective.

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Enzo Greco

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