Enzo’s Monday Motion #77: Perspective

It’s not what you say, but how you say it. The same thing goes in the world of moving images. Read about the power of perspective.


If you think your life is tough, imagine what it’s like to be a glass…
What better way to focus on this product than literary planning your whole story and camerawork around it! Recognisable scenes with a logical ending that leaves you no excuses: buy Finish dishwasher tablets! The concept by Wieden & Kennedy is perfectly executed by Riff Raff Films and the special effects from The Mill.


Changing perspective and pace can have a great impact on the emotional level. Even dull moments like brushing your teeth can look majestic. Intel is showing of their new feature: a 360-degree replay technology that was first used during last year’s Super Bowl. Enjoy the action from players point of view right then and there.

If boring moments already look this great, imagine what it can do at game time. Nice concept by mcgarrybowen.

Take it for a spin

Not many know Swiss Freeskier Nicolas Vuignier, but a lot of you know his ‘Centriphone experiment’. With the slomo function on his iPhone he created impressive 360 shots by swinging his phone on a cord. As part of their introduction campaign Fiat USA borrowed this active outdoor spirit to show of the 500X Crossover. A smart way of reaching the target audience, but at the same time a bit too long after the hyped video.
Since it was a part of a bigger campaign with ‘multiple spots’ it’s a nice add on to make their model stick evne more in people’s minds.

Mind Fuck

Perspective can also mislead you which makes a story or a plot more interesting. Honda used this technique to show that their cars make the impossible possible. With the use of good street artists they created different illusions. Extra credit for the consistency till the end with the model introduction. Concept by mcgarrybowen and produced by Gorgeous Enterprises.


Prince of Perspective

If there’s one team who’s almost king of visual mind fucks and one takers it’s OK GO. Since they also have to make a living, they do commercial projects next to their videoclips. Hey, if it’s fun and it pays, who cares you that your next video is for Chinese furniture store Red Star Macalline!

That thing you don’t see

Sometimes the things you just can’t see are more interesting. Giving the viewer the constant feeling there’s something important just around the corner, you can let them linger longer just like the introduction of Google’s first phone Pixel. I love the concept where we start from the most recognisable search bar and morph to the portrait shaped bar we know as the phone.

For me they could even skip the reveil shots on the screen at the end. They had me at Phone by Google. Concept by Droga5 en produced by Somesuch/Anonymous Content.

Last Week

Calm down with some smoother transitions of the following set of cel animated spots.

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