Enzo’s Monday Motion #76: Cel Animation #2

We smoothly flow into the next Monday Motion session with six new cel animated spots.

Professional Student

Malaysian motion designer Eleena Bakrie is still working for her master title, but for me she’s already delivering professional work. Her style is getting more and more clear with fluent cel animation and a tactile paper drawing feeling. Poem No. 8 is a project for her university where she visualises a poem by Alaska Gold. I think we’ll be seeing many more things from this lady.

Spirit in the Sky

Is it a spot for Dutch artist Mondriaan..? is it a new spot for the software tool Slack? Nope.. It’s another software giant which you might heard of…
Google is producing more and more spots for their ever growing software tools. Their most powerful tools (like Gmail) are now bundled under the title G Suite. A name which is smartly borrowed form our friends at Adobe.

The flow of the commercial is as smooth as the poetic storyline recited by Gwendoline Christie. The spot gets extra power with the classic track of classic Norman Greenbaum. I wonder if there’s a track selection is based upon the original lyrics. The ’Spirit in the sky’ has been upgraded to your data in the cloud by Google. I leave it up to you if this is hauteur, but the animations of Giant Ant are devine!

ps. if you wonder where you know that voice from: think Game of Thrones and female knight.

Flip it

The origin of cel animation is on paper. Flicking through multiple sketches the animation comes to life. This art is perfected within the niche style called ‘paper parkour’. The next spot is an ode to the classic game turned to motion picture Assassin’s Creed. Concept en animation by Serene Teh.


The Olympics are a grateful topic when it comes to motion. The concept of this homage, by Giant Ant artist Henrique Barone, is based around the logo. I love the pace and the fluent, realistic timed movements of the athletes. Almost every frame is an art piece on itself. Also check out his work in progress.

Cash Back

Two weeks ago I already talked about the amazing American Express card spot. The next one is even nicer on all aspects: In storyline, motion flow and surprising transitions. The credits go to the same team: concept by Ogilvy, produced by Not To Scale and directed by Matthias Hoegg and Colin Hesterly.
I can’t wait for the next spot in this series.

Power Hungry

I end up with a nice short by Benjy Brooke. The future isn’t so bright with a world that’s still addicted to energy. The hunt for power feels like a game and this is accentuated by the 8-bit style music of Kenny Kusiak. Created for entertainment studio Super Deluxe.

Last Week

So how’s going with your new years resolutions? get extra motivation with the next set of sport spots.

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Enzo Greco

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