Enzo’s Monday Motion #74: Infomercials

Let’s kick of the year with some nice animated spots! Here are six new infomercials.

Costa Sunglasses

Sunglass brand Costa Del Mar stands for quality. They wanted to extend their vision to quality of life to nature, by making a stand for a good cause. Due to mankind the fresh water flows through the Everglades are in serious danger. This spot by Giant Ant explains how it came this far and what you can do about it.

The film flows like a boat in the river with a continuous pan. The playful style blends different perspectives into one and seamlessly patches one scene to next. Costa’s brand is smartly embedded with a nice warm pallet of colours which makes it even more pleasant to watch. A great production by Liam Hogan.

All or Nothing

Directors Colin Hesterly and Matthias Hoegg collaborated to create this stylish film that explores the potential locked within the American Express Preferred Rewards Gold Card. Like the previous spot this one blends all the different (holiday) shots seamlessly together. The only thing I can hate on is the short minded view of the client:
in the opening and endshot we see the product (so far still good). The big issue comes with the break of style. The card is clearly a simplified graphical version of the real deal, but it’s way of the original style of the spot. I would go all in and blend it perfectly, or use a photo of the original. Now it’s neither. Let’s end with compliments to creative directors and the production company Not To Scale London.

Pay up

Everybody knows PayPal, but hardly anyone knows it’s a licensed bank as well. Die Botschaft and SEHSUCHT Berlin developed a nice concept to communicate this and other facts about PayPal.
The story is nicely animated in a paper stop motion style, but it might even be better if they went for the real deal. I wonder what it could be of they added the skills of an artist like Lucas Zanotto!

A good neighbour is worth more..

Do you know who lives next door? It might be the person who helps you out or needs your skills. Help and tips are frequently just around the corner and with the free app ‘Nextdoor’ you can use this to everyones benefit. Nice spot by Oddfellows and directed by Colin Trenter and Jarratt Moody.

Just Ask

Afraid to ask advice for something, or simply over curious? On ask.fm you can ask everything you want! Another nice spot by Giant Ant directed by Jay Grandin.


So many tweets, so little time! With Twitters event targeting, advertisers can join conversations around live events, quickly and easily. I love how Creative Director Andre Ricciardi restricted himself to such a small colour palet but still kept it fresh. The texture gave it also an extra dimension. Another nice job delivered by Oddfellows.

Last Week

We left 2016, but the Christmas spirit is still strong! Enjoy the second batch of Santa Spots.

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Enzo Greco

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