Enzo’s Monday Motion #73: X-Mas Countdown

As promised I give you the second and final part of the Christmas ads.
Unwrap the final six presents lined up below.

Get more out of Giving

The familiar holiday spirit also goes for England’s online shopping site very.co.uk. With the theme ‘Get More Out of Giving’ we follow a mother on her way home on Christmas eve. Totally free of the holiday stress she surprises random strangers with gifts.
Concept by St Luke’s London, directed by Derek Picken and animated by Against All Odds.

The making of is in this case slightly less usual. They added (scripted and animated) bloopers. Smart but also costly call.

Diet Pause

You won’t think instant of junk food at Christmas but eating something extra sounds familiar. The craving for a burger is Leo Burnett’s angle for this year Mc Donalds commercial.

Juliette is a classic doll who over the past year never got picked in the toyshop. She takes destiny in her own hands by crossing the street to enter the McDonalds. Created by Phillip Meyler and Darren Keff, and directed by Gary Freedman through Independent Films.

Watch and Learn

When your John Lewis’ little (supermarket) sister, you have to keep up the family’s name in Christmas spots. Paying great attention to their experienced relative they’ve chosen the same ad agency (Adam & Eve) featuring an animal, in this case a small bird. The courageous robin undertakes an epic journey home to Britain, where a young girl eagerly awaits his annual return.

The biggest credits go to the great CGI work by The Mill. Not only does the bird feel very natural and real. They also’ve done a great job giving it emotions and expressions (which is quite hard for a little creature who has no facial expressions at all).

All I want for Christmas

Sometimes the wishes of young kids are hard to fulfil. Especially when it’s a hippopotamus. Everything’s is on sale online and with USPS the kids get everything they want on time! The spot was created out of McCann New York and directed by Martin Krecji at Stink.


New Comer

New in Mayor League of Christmas ads is clothing chain M&S, aiming for the 50 plus target audience (age for sure, probably size as well).

When Jake sends his letter to Santa on Christmas eve, Santa’s already away on his classic sledge. Misses Claus saves the day with her James Bond style transportation and gadgets. Returning just in time before Santa returns from his work. Showing that it needs a woman to get things done with out claiming all the credits. The three-minute ad was directed by Academy Award winner Tom Hooper (The King’s Speech).

Santa’s VR

I end this list with an interactive campaign from New York’s creative agency Firstborn. They’ve probably asked themselves the question: what’s the most immersive and logical use of VR goggles: first person shooters!

Meet Bad ass Nick Clause who armed with his shotgun frees the world of rogue robot elves. The game will debut on the HTC Vive VR platform early next week. Watch the game trailer below.

Part I

Missed the previous part of Christmas spots? Read more about the six campaigns from Aldi to Sainsbury.

Last Week

Another end of the year classic is the year review of short films. Watch my selection from graduate level to block buster.

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