Enzo’s Monday Motion #72: 2016 Shorts

At the end of the year I look back at all the nice short movies. Here’s my selection from graduate level to block buster short.

BAFTA winner

Dutch female animator Nina Gantz has made some nice progress over the years. After her graduation with honours at St Joost Breda she continued her schooling at the National Film & Television school of London. Her unique style of animation and sense of humor was honoured again with her last project at BAFTA.

Edmond’s impulsive character makes him a bit of an odd fellow. In this short we look back at his life. or better said all his embarrassing moments and how he wished the earth would swallow him up…

Planet Unknown

The next student graduation film is made by the Chinese talent Shawn Wang. Over the course a a short year he created this Pixar kinda film pretty much by him self. It’s hard not to think of Wall-E. Some extra inspiration was taken from NASA’s Mars missions and Interstellar.

That being said, it’s a nice short where you feel the emotions of the robots and the thrill they have during their journey. Extra credit to the sound studio Echoic who added a Hans Zimmer kinda epicness to the film. If you don’t have time for the full 9 minute short, watch the teaser.

Commercial time

Let’s leave the graduation shorts for what it is and continue with the pro’s. Another difference of this two minute short by veteran animators Lobo is it’s commercial starting point. In ‘The Unlike Hero’ we get to know the story of carpet producer Interface’s radical change in environmental approach.

In 2006 Interface announced their goal to become a zero impact operation by 2020. Despite having won awards and recognition from several specialized institutions, Interface’s history haven’t been told to the large public, until now. Produced by 22Squared and directed by Guilherme Marcondes.

A dating app for idea’s

Are you ready to get out there and meet some new ideas? To celebrate TED Talks tenth birthday Rainn Wilson (known from The Office) goes on dates with TED speakers from the past. A nice and fun way to celebrate an inspiring brand.

It’s been a while

It’s been already 15 years since BMW started with their ‘block buster shorts’ The Hire starring Clive Owen and yes, their own fleet of cars. Last October they came with a new 14 minute short filled with action scenes. The impact and surprises are less than before, but still very enjoyable. Directed by ‘District 9’ Neil Blomkamp and produced by Geisel Productions and Anonymous Content.

Day of the European short

What better day to celebrate the short film than the on shortest day of the year. EYE Amsterdam has a special program on the 21st of December for children and adults. A great opportunity to watch them on the big screen.

If it’s on a too short notice, save the date for The International Short Film Festival in Nijmegen in april 2017.

More Shorts

If you still haven’t finished your popcorn continue with last year’s edition.

Last Week

Read more about the concept of OK GO’s latest music video and many more in my last blog.

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