Enzo’s Monday Motion #69: Real Mash Up

Bad special effects can break the spell of the story. But blending visual techniques doesn’t always result into bad work. Check out these mash ups with surprisingly strong outcome.

Converse Spotify

One spot who most definitely didn’t want to hide the mash up is a video by The community Miami for Converse Argentina. The cel animated overlay suits the punk style videoclip very well.

Even though the video checks a lot of boxes it’s not the first (and best) cel animated – live action mash up. For that I would refer to Diesel’s anniversary video. Here they use their age ‘XXX’ as an excuse to use classic porn video’s.

Creative steal

Sometimes a steal can be good, if you create something new out of it. Where America has Black Friday, China has Singles Day also known as Double 11. To attract the online buyer China’s Amazon, Alibaba created a spot consisting of all the most famous brand taglines. The slogans combined the right message: we have everything you want one click away. Outstanding, effective and a strong message in one. Concept by Fred & Farid.


Another function of a mash up is simply to show of your own diversity in concept, style or production techniques. The promo video of Demo Duck is a perfect example. This Droste effect explaining video convinces you the power of… an explaining video!

Motion-a-long song

The concept of the next video is based upon the principle of karaoke. Mexican motion graphic artist Oscar López Rocha projects instead of lyrics, geometric shapes on top of the video. The drum and base music choice could easily be the inspiration as well, since it has no spoken words at all.
Even though the particles are generated in 3D, all the timings to the rhythm of the song were done by hand.

Also watch the breakdown video where you can see the steps from source footage, to play blast and end result.


Directing duo Terri Timely create next to their commercial work also own side projects like the short Input/Output. In this short they combine everyday activities with a surprising result. The different production techniques blend visually perfect, but the surreal outcome draws them apart at the same time.

Last Week

If you still wonder which IDFA film you want ot watch, quickly check out last weeks article about over here.

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Enzo Greco

Enzo is motion director van Born05 en schrijver van het blog Enzo's Monday Motion. Vimeo

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