Enzo’s Monday Motion #67: Oreo Part 4

Get your fresh glass of milk, cause it’s Oreo time again!

Fresh from the oven

The latest spot, created by Buck, focusses for the first time not on the States but on the growing market of China. The daily routine of commuting is dipped into the Wonderfilled world of Oreo. The vocals might sound strange in Chinese, but the story and quality are as tune familiar fantastic.

Buck delivered also a second version special for the young ladies. Check out this version as well!

Live action

Most of the Oreo spots are animated. The imaginary worlds of wonderfilled and the wonder vault make this technique a more than logical choice. The next spot proofs that you can still stay close to the Oreo brand with live action.

Last year the brand introduced Oreo Thin’s where they focus on the mature customer who’s outgrown the classic Oreo cookie. The spot playfully follows all the ways people use their fingers. Concluding that the little finger is the only one who stayed in child’s land with the pinky swear. With Oreo Thin’s it can finally claim it mature status! Nice concept by 360i and Production by North of New York.

Pick a Side

This tiny cooky played with the big boys during the 2013 Super bowl breaks. Following to the big rivalry between two teams, it asked you to finally pick a side: Are you a more a cookie person or a cream lover? Another live action spot this time created by Wieden + Kennedy and produced by MJZ.


Back to the core of cel animated work where the Wonderfilled spot focusses on the city of New York. Mathcing the online campaign where people could win tickets to The Big Apple.

Stop motion

Just before Halloween of 2014, Oreo released a themed campaign where fans could name the cute little Nomsters (cudo’s for the copy writer)!
Every day they released a short stop motioned spot that had the mixed vibe of count Dracula and Frankenstein. The winning name was then smartly spread through Facebook and Instagram. In the end designer Lori Nix and his team created 40 different stages and 100 different props. Concept by 360i and production by Dream Machine Creative.


More Oreo’s

If you’re hungry for more check out the previous edition of cookie spots.

Last Week

Last week I talked about idents of tv stations and more. Check them out over here.

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