Enzo’s Monday Motion #66: Idents #2

I know: the 66th edition, 31st of October and a scary clown…
Forget Halloween, it’s ident time!

Goodnight Mr Clown

Let’s get rid of the clown and head straight to the CBS drama ident. Talking about what’s in a name: production agency Analog created a their own version of the bullet time. It reminded me of the Philips campaign Frozen Heist,

The funny thing is that the latter is actually the ripped of version! Besides that the original ident features more than one sub genre. Lovely concept by Studio Hansa and dito production level by Andy Kidger and Nick Scott.

La Effe

Italian publishing company Feltrinelli expanded their wings to television. For their new on-air identity they were looking for something to convey a big change in their positioning. The answer was found in their heritage using typography, writing and photography tools.

Nice work by Nerdo and an additional shout out to the perfect teamwork between animator Riccardo Chiara and audio designer Andrea Pestarino.

Slice it up

This ident could easily been placed in last weeks split screen edition. DBLG found a fresh way of breaking down sporting movement with split screens. Interesting is that the end result was all done in camera using computer controlled mirrors, edged with controllable LED lighting. Production props for United Visual Artist.

Hong Kong Time

From a techy high end ident back to flat and graphical. For Hong Kong’s youth channel ViuTV, Carbon created a playful game like animation using the brand’s colours and letters.

Stop motion

More variety in this compilation of idents with Russian do it your self channel 7TV. The rebranding focused on how to better yourself through an organised and smart assembly. Every tip is as a puzzle piece that ads up. To emphasise an honest and human approach, all on-screen elements were made and animated by hand. It resulted in a set of five idents for all the channels topics. Created and Directed by Greg Barth.

Cel animation

Again a totally different style and audience. Golden Wolf did what they’re famous for: a rich cel animated ident for Disney’s XD channel.


The last one is a bit old, but still very powerful. Man vs. Machine really outdone themselves with the Film4 idents. Even though the medium is TV, the channel sees themselves as al film channel.

Within the set of (16!) idents are more than 100 film references. Then of course there is the film strip effect which was impressively done by digging holes in the ground at the exterior locations and literally removing ceilings and floors inside. That’s one production shoot I loved to be on set!

Last Week

One of the oldest tricks in cinema is the split screen. See how this technique still has it’s value in different forms.

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Enzo Greco

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