Enzo’s Monday Motion #64: Characters

Wether it’s bringing your product to life, or letting your customers star in your spot; characters add an extra layer of emotion to your commercial.

Fast food goes natural

Chipotle Mexican Grill is an American chain of fast food restaurants who have a rich history in animated commercials. Feeling the bad vibe fast food has, the company has released a mission statement called Food with Integrity which highlights its efforts in using naturally-grown ingredients.

To promote this, they made a lovely short love story which breaths Pixar. This isn’t strange since the director Saschka Unseld previously worked there. Concept by CAA Marketing and prodcued by Passion Pictures.

Brownies Contest

Brownies come it all shapes and flavours. Floating on the audience influenced programme’s like X-Factor, Brossard Brownies asked their customers which ingredient would star in the new brownie. Directing duo Emmanuelle and Julien wrote a series of spots where the ingredients came to life.

Watch the full series over here.

Mother Russia

CRCR strike again with this new trailer for the ultra violent game Mother Russia Bleeds. This retro arcade video game is developed by a talented group of independent artists and developers called Le Cartel. The film introduces the hero and it’s three enemies who take a green drug to defend themselves from the evil hordes of a dark and shady Russia.

No Pain, No Gain

After every big physical accomplishment comes a big recovery. Tuned is an app that helps you get back on track. Simply by ordering a massage at a time and place of your liking. Motion Authors created this lovely infographic which perfectly explains their message.

<3 Open briefs

Communication tool Slack is gaining massive attention. Not only by delivering a perfect tool. With a divers set of commercials they share their added value. Production agency Giant Ant received an open brief to create ‘something amazing’ for the new spot of the Amazing Teams series. And so they did…! Post production by The Sequence Group and sound design by Antfood.

More Characters

Get enchanted by more characters and stories in the previous blog.

Last Week

The best way to get inspired is attending motion festivals. Get a good overview by the following set of promo videos.

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