Enzo’s Monday Motion #63: Festival Titles

Whoever said work and fun don’t mix, obviously never went to Festivals!


The popular festival OFFF get’s it’s own late night spin off in Antwerp. Mill+ designer Will Arnold got carte blanche and he decided to put on his LSD shades creating a psychedelic 70’s motion piece finding harmony between order and chaos.

Fun facts on this 2D style motion piece is that it’s created in 3D software using Houdini, Maya, C4D, and Nuke.

2 + 3

More mix and matching in the production of Adobe’s festival titels. The graphic work from illustrator Shaivalini Kumar was rebuild in Cinema 4D giving them more creative freedom and increased efficiency.

Get a better view of the ‘Never Sit Still’s workflow in their making of video.


Dublin’s creative festival OFFSET includes a wide spectrum from Fashion and Industrial design to film and photography. Golden Wolf had the honour to create last year’s title sequence which is a refreshing appraach to this genre!

Need an excuse to visit Great Brittain? This years edition in Sheffield is just around the corner.

From Russia with love

OFFF is spreading their wings all over the world. For the first Russian edition in St. Petersburg they created a special motion piece where the analogue and digital world reinforce each other.

The analogue input consisted of (motion captured) dancers and experiments using various kinds of ink and chemicals. These visuals and data were then mapped into a virtual world.

Next to the video they also delivered a digital experience using Goo Create, an artist friendly production environment for WebGL and HTML5 experiences.

Back to Holland

One festival I never skip is Playgrounds Festival. The festival is just around the corner and they always deliver a strong international line up. This year I’m looking forward to inside info of LAIKA’s ‘Kubo and the Two Strings’ and the production team of Star Wars. The four days festival starts on 31st of october and there are still some tickets left.

Get stoked with last year’s title sequence by Media Monks.

R.I.P. Flash

For me FITC will always stand for Flash In The Can. Although their initial inspiration is buried for years, their festival is still live and kicking. Last years Toronto edition was all about games. Enjoy the teaser version created by Giant Ant.

More Festivals

If you’re interested in the full version of FITC’s Toronto edition continue reading over here.

Last Week

Fashion and film go great together! Brands like G-STAR and Adidas show you why.

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