Enzo’s Monday Motion #62: Fashion

Fashion and film go great together! Brands like G-STAR and Adidas show you why.

Pure Imagination

Last februari Pharrell Williams joined G-STAR as Head of Imagination (An unfamiliar title which makes me think of Willy Wonka).

With his first Fall/Winter collection he explains his definition of RAW. The shots look really nice and give a behind the scenes look and feel of the creative process. Also the deep blue-ish grade breaths denim. The words of Pharell might sound a bit too profound. Maybe he was still thinking of saving the ocean

Big Names

Series are no longer a downgrade for directors and commercials are getting there as well. Under the guidance of Guy Ritchie Blink productions delivered an interactive commercial for Ted Baker where every piece of clothing can be clicked and directly ordered online.

The story breaths Guy Ritchie with the Cockney voice over, the nicknames, the soundtrack and grading style. One mayor feature got sadly over ruled and that’s the pace of the edit. The on first hand smart interactive feature, now asks too much time for the edit to be ‘on Ritchie-level’. Over all still a very strong campaign and concept by Poke London.


Switzerland’s largest menswear manufacturer Strellson delivers a commercial where musical meets sophisticated fashion.
The copy writers got some help from Freddy Mercery, by using Queens’s classic ’Don’t stop me now’. Directors Wolf & Lamm translated these lyrics into crazy adventures of the main character, where the jokes play a bigger role than the clothing. Good call!

Off The Wall

A nice variation in this set of feature film style spots is the commercial from iconic skate brand Vans. With stop motion and cell animation they celebrated their 50th anniversary with a brief history of their origin.

Please rewind after watching

The only feature online shopping misses, is a digital fitting booth. Since we aren’t there yet, returning your products can be a bit of a hassle. Adidas gives some helpful tips with this seventies style video that finds inspiration of in flight safety video’s. Directed by Brett de Vos and produced by Mr. Frank.

Last Week

Last week it was graphics animation time. Enjoy the set of different styles infomercials.

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Enzo Greco

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