Enzo’s Monday Motion #60: Automotive #2

Start your engines: it’s time for some automotive spots!

Tilt shift gear

A couple of years ago you got dizzy of the amount of tilt shift ads. Audi has taken the lens of the shelf for a good reason. If you can imagine it, the new Audi TT can achieve it. And this includes the imagination of a child. Directed by Geoffrey Campbell and produced by the Bandito Brothers.



We take the side road and continue with the 3D version of this lens. The Norwegian Automobile Federation is there for when your car breaks down. Their story is told is a nicely low poly style where the animation is really nice! So extra credits to modeller and animator Alexander Krill. Directed by Knut Helgeland.


Mercedes is on the retro tour, breathing new life into the classics. With the 2017 CLA they want to emphasise the beauty, agility and engineering. The simple but very effective camera work, makes the spot really powerful.

I also like the music underneath accentuating the edit, elegancy and heritage. Concept by Agency:Merkley + Partners, directed by Andy Hirsch and produced by Native Content in collaboration with The Mill.


It’s a bold statement if you make a car ad without actually showing it. For Hyundai’s new flagship Trizz Studio directed this abstract spot filled with scenic nature, transformed DNA and photo real manipulations. Directed byLewis Hunt.

Guess you didn’t see this one coming…

The spot from telecom provider AT&T is all about cars and behaviour that’s familiar to all of us. The campaign “It Can Wait”, which started already in 2010, has a real strong story and message.
If you’re into storytelling and tension build, you can watch the 3,5 minute version, but I guess you already spend enough time over here ; )

Besides that, I think the director is really over stretching the story. Let’s go to the really strong 30 second spot and give extra credit to the editor Rich Orrick!

More Automotive

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