Enzo’s Monday Motion #57: Animals

I can’t get enough of commercials with our furry friends! Check out these spots starring a chameleon, porcupine, wolf and many more..

Tear jerker

I start of with a drama spot with matching soundtrack that could easily come from a feature film. Each year in France, almost 100 000 animals are abandoned, with a huge pick of 60 000 during summer. The well planned awareness campaign for 30 Millions d’Amis Foundation shows the paradox between the unconditional fidelity of the animal and their owner.

For me the hero, next to the dog, is the edit(or). The core of the concept and powerfull impact stand together with the way the story is told. Concept by Busman Agency and directed by Louis Audard and Tristan Daltroff.


In this edition I include the digital DNA of our fury friends. To showcase the new tools and features of Cinema4D, ManvsMachine’s was asked to create a spot that showcased all the new elements. With a creative free pass they build the concept around the dualities within their own name. Big up for Resonate who created the empowering sound track.

Don’t forget to watch the interesting making of!

The Innovator

I never knew that materials also had to promote themselves! The Woolmark Company gave Buck an excuse to make a nice animated spot around the different peaks of the material in the clothing industry. They smartly blended all the chapters into one great story. Directed by Gareth O’Brien and music by Antfood.

Around the corner..

Again humans don’t show themselves of their best side in this short where a father possum reads his kids a story about the most dangerous animal of all. Inspired by the Edward Gorey classic, this black-comedy for kids and parents alike is a hilarious and brutal alphabet of death and mayhem exacted upon animals by ignorant humans.

Surprisingly all the 3D was done by a group of 44 students at Media Design School. A university to keep your eye on when you’re looking for fresh talent.

The Johnsonville way

It’s always risky when you let ‘normal people’ take part of the creative input for a campaign. Luckily Johnsonville’s has the courage and the out of the box thinking employees. In the series of commercials one fits todays theme perfectly. Check out Jeff’s concept that includes a racoon, squirrel, turkey, porcupine and a wolf!

Turtle cam<

Sony approached Dutch directorial duo Lernert & Sander to capture the quality of the Action Cam’s slow-motion function.
I’m curious if they got their animal inspiration of Sony’s action cam competitor TomTom bandit

In their version they combined the super slow turtle with the fast dog. Within the spot you also see some real Sony action cam shots. My gut feeling says they got told by the client. They’re clearly the least interesting (and quality wise) shots. Hopefully it’s the the strange turtle that sticks to peoples mind when they’re shopping…

More Animals

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