Enzo’s Monday Motion #56: Music Videos

This is already the third edition of Music Videos: a mash up of cel animation, in camera effects, gamified 3D and more.

Choose your battles

Always chose one key feature for your project. Put all the energy and craftsmanship in this feature and you have a strong project in concept and execution.

The whole idea behind the latest videoclip of Darwin Deez is playing around with portraits on banknotes. No fancy studio, no massive 3D, but nicely chosen bills and a good camera lens. Concept by Oscar Hudson. An extra shout out to DOP Ruben Woodin-Dechamnps for the nice framing and the sharpness in all the images!

Water colour film

This next experimental video for Young The Giant was created by Portland based studio Computer team. You can tell that they are very experienced in 2D motion pieces. I love the watercolour painting effect they created! I do think they slightly overdid it by combining it with double exposure. It makes the scenes a bit messy and hard to read. Less would have been more over here.

Game Time

The backstory of Moderat’s clip ‘Reminder’ could have been told in many different ways. Pfadfinderei, Moderat’s long-time creative partner for visual works, came up with the idea of using 3D video games as the medium. They contacted Sehsucht Berlin and approached the production as if it was a true game.

Also check their case page for more interesting info.

Everything is easier with a friend!

Parallel Teeth have done a great job matching the music video with the music. The electronic beats are nicely translated into simple and minimalistic gif’s. Within this style they still managed to tell the story of the song: everything is easier with a friend!

Tripple A

The style of hip hop duo Samiyam and Earl Sweatshirt can be described as psychedelic, filled with tons of samples. The videoclip perfectly visualises this style.
Funny thing is that motion designer Rough Mercy spills his guts, explaining that this concept was intended for a different song. Triple A’s for effort, honesty and style.

Last week

The Rio 2016 Olympics are on! With big events come even bigger campaigns. Check out these spots who compete for the golden medal.

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Enzo Greco

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