Enzo’s Monday Motion #55: The Games

We’re a week shy of the Rio 2016 Olympics. With big events come even bigger campaigns. Check out these spots who compete for the golden medal.

Back to nature

This edition is heavy on the animation part and I’m not complaining! Again we see the regular Monday Motion client BBC. This time Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R had the honour and they took their inspiration from the (Brazilian based) animals.

The end shot reminds me a lot of the Nike’s 2014 World Cup spot ’The Last Game’. Not hating at all, because the concept matches perfectly with the current games and the execution is equally strong. Big up for Passion Pictures who delivers again a great piece.


The big question is always: how to beat all the other ads while leaving a strong message. The fastest way achieving number one is aim for the stars. Undisputed champion of athletic is Usain Bolt (spoiler alert: you’ll be seeing more of him). Virgin media simply uses the speed of Bolt as a reference to their network: show how it feels like to experience speed, at a physical and emotional level.
Simple yet effective!

The edit is filled with different styles: form Stanley Kubricks one-point perspective, to (crappy) amateur footage to slick animations. To top it of the spot is narrated by former Olympic winner Michael Johnson. Concept by BBH London, directed by Seb Edwards, produced by Academy and animated by The Line.

The Return of the Superhumans

Where BBC has to Olympics, Channel 4 aims for the Paralympic Games. With the new spot they’re continuing their Superhumans campaign of London 2012. This time they didn’t focus on the persistence of the athletes, but on every disabled person who delivers the same exercise every day.
I’m curious if they will win another Grand Prix for this beauty. Concept by 4 Creative, directed by Alice Tonge and produced by Blink.

Team GB

The English presence is strong in this competition. Last one is the animated spot for National Lottery. Their story: if you buy a lottery ticket, your part of team GB with your support for the athletes. Nice motion piece by Art & Graft.


Grand finale

Let’s end with golden boy Bolt. The link between Gatorade and Usain is a bit thinner then the previous spot: it fuels Usain and every other athlete. Good thing they didn’t focus on their own brand too much and delivered a nice 6 minute short where they focus on the boy who learned to fly.
Sit back, put it in full screen mode and enjoy the work of Limbert Fabian and Jake Wyatt.

Last week

Animations aren’t restricted to the lcd screens of your phone, or laptop. The possibilities are endless if you have a wider scope.

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