Enzo’s Monday Motion #49: Oreo Part #3

There’s no such thing as too much Oreo cookies. Enjoy this fresh pack of five Oreo spots.


With their overly sweet ‘Wonderfilled’ campaign you would think Oreo only has it’s soft side. With the special Valentine’s edition Oreo shows that they also have a more mature side. Or should I say kinky..? Concept by 360i and produced by Shadowmachine.

More special ones

The latest Oreo spot is about another special edition. The beloved brand teamed up with Cadbury to co-create a new product. On the PR side the duo consisted of Buck and Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney. Where the latter turned the product into a bromance story.

I love Buck’s solution for expressing the feelings and communications between the two characters by simply using our well known emoticons.

Socially Engaged

With a big brand comes a big responsibility. The Wonderfilled campaign shifts it’s attention to world problems and addresses to the their leaders. The concept of this Australian spot is from AJF and the animations are from XYZ Studios.

It’s only a cookie

In the end Oreo knows that they’re just a cookie brand. Wieden & Kennedy came up with the sarcastic concept of the Super Important Test where you’re asked to choose for the chocolate or the creamy side of the cookie. Fatal Farm produced some hilarious outcomes for it.

More crazy outcomes are the Pool party and the Semi Truck.

Wes Anderson Style

For the mini version of the Oreo, Hue & Cry created a short which could have been directed by Wes Anderson. Enjoy the lovely story behind Mel’s Mini Mini Mart.

More Oreo

If you didn’t have enough cookie commercials yet, watch the previous edition:

Last week

Stories work best if they are based around a main character, where people can identify themselves. How would this work in a spot for PornHub.

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