Enzo’s Monday Motion #48: Characters

Stories work best if they are based around a main character, where people can identify themselves. This fact is as important for movies as for product commercials.

Bio fuckin’ logical

Biological is the key word for todays food. Apparently the American consumer isn’t fully convinced yet. Meet Mr. Seed: a foul mouthed, organic seed evangelist that is equal parts cute and dirty. Another brilliant production by Buck.

Watch out Runkeeper

Nowadays everyone tracks their exercises. So why not create the sex version of Runkeeper? With PornHub’s Bangfit you can now bang your body into shape! The promo video is a mash up of the popular infomercial and the 80s aerobics instructor video. Nice concept by the creatives of Officer & Gentleman.

Better light

More 2D motion with Buck’s spot for Cree light. What if we all woke up with better light? Would it cure our morning blues? What I especially like in the concept of Daniel Oeffinger is that light is projected as a character, who helps us out the whole day. Another great example that Buck is a storyteller who masters every single type of motion.

Unfairy Tales

Some stories were never meant for children. To bring attention to the youngest victims of the Syrian refugees, UNICEF launched an animated series based upon their life events. The videos start as a Disney fairy tail with nice animations and matching music.
When our little heros are in need we don’t cut to the surprising escape shot, but to a close up of the actual Syrian child. Nice work by 180 Los Angeles.

The series is completed with the life stories of Ivine and Mustafa.

Use experts for their expertise

Method Design was asked to create an award spot for the creative industry in which the innovative character is accentuated. Since 3D artist aren’t particularly known for their dance skills, they hired professional dancers and motion tracked their performance. Checking of the box of choreography the 3D department could fully focus on the physics and design of the end result.

Keep it simple (and cute)

How to communicate a fairly technical story behind a beauty product?
What else than with a fairy tail! In the story behind Kiehl’s night cream we follow quinoa seed Jim on his quest for his life goal. Motion done by Feed Me Light.

Last week

The European Championship in France heads into their first week. Watch here how the big brands present their campaigns around EURO 2016.

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Enzo Greco

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