Enzo’s Monday Motion #44: Audio Driven

What people often don’t realise is the impact of audio. It gives that extra touch what you where looking for all along. In the following spots you can even say they’re the star of the show. This one goes out to all the audio designers.

Find yourself outside

The first example stays 100% true to it’s concept: in the outdoor there’s only you, your gear and nature. The audio only consists of on set recorded samples. Great job by Luiza Sa-Davis and Jon Shamieh for sound mix.

My kinda guy

Greg Barth is a director to my liking. Not only does he work on divers projects from music video’s to installations. He stays true to in camera effects. This doesn’t mean he leaves 3D out of his projects. for him it’s a tool in the creative process, not the output.

In this particular project for Belgian online electronic music platform Hello Play he uses 3D printed props and 6KG of white chocolate to emphasise the power of audio.


Also in non-commercial work the power of audio is well known. In the case of Genesis the atmosphere is amplified with classical music and sound effects. Great job by Echoic Audio.

Smart USP

The competition in the luxury segment of the car market is intens, so a clear USP is a must. Volvo hasn’t got the speed of a Ferrari, nor the class of a Bentley. So they choose their USP wisely: clean air!

If you add their all round PR ‘From Sweden’ one plus one makes Swedish Air. Nice audio edit by Strings and Tins.

Game On

The impact of audio is even bigger in games. In the next gamified infomercial of British Airways you see that the intensity and pace seem faster due to the added soundtrack. The foley sounds (like wind) and smart sound effects (to create the indoors and outdoors vibe) totally bring this spot to the next level. Special props to the sound design of Jeff Moberg.

Last week

You need to be very sharp and on point when it comes to idents. In five (or less) seconds you need to profile your network and possibly also announce the next programme. That sounds like a fine challenge for (motion) designers.

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Enzo Greco

Enzo is motion director van Born05 en schrijver van het blog Enzo's Monday Motion. Vimeo

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