Enzo’s Monday Motion #43: Idents

You need to be very sharp and on point when it comes to idents. In five (or less) seconds you need to profile your network and possibly also announce the next programme. That sounds like a fine challenge for (motion) designers.

From graphic to live action

The first one is fairly old, but still on of my favourites. Man vs Machine won the rebranding pitch for Channel 4’s digital platform More4. What’s so strong about the concept is the translation from the simple vector shaped logo into a live action and tactile version. The playfulness, which was quickly shown in first tests, worked even better in the real world with the flipping boards. So reflecting the diversity in programmes about interior, food, culture and fashion.

If you got curious how it all was created I suggest to watch the making of.


It’s not shown in the quality but the following spot is made by students. The style is fresh and matches the brand. If I had to give one comment it would be on the over all pace, which is a tad to slow.

Let’s take more risks

Somehow networks tend to take their creativity and boldness one step further when it coms to idents. When the Japenese network TBS asked production agency The Line for a slightly more daring concept they got what they asked for… Props for broadcasting them!

The one taker

Style-wise I love the one-taker. Going from one scene fluently to the next asks for some creative production. It’s a shame that in this case the logo at the end isn’t part of the one taker. Concept wise it might make sense since the different letters form different worlds, but it would make it stronger in execution. Still props to studio 2GREY.

FOX goes Mtv

One of FOX numerous channels is FXX. Targeting the same young audience as Mtv, they kinda copied their well known estranged style. Nice job by New York based studio Block & Tackle.

Next level

Similar in style but better in concept are the idents for VH1. The Google kinda computer voice and the humor brings this classical theme to the next level.
Nice job by Travis Spangler.

sub branded idents

The strong suit of minimal, less outspoken idents is that they are easily skinned with different themes like seasons or even third party programmes. FX promoted The Simpsons with a nice mash up style which matches both their ident as the sitcom.

Massive Multiplication

TV2 is the naughty sibling of the UK’s ITV. Man vs. machine took upon this chance to create a set of idents that disregarded the norms of scheduling. The bumper consisted of two totally random chosen snippets. Thus resulting in the staggering amount of 300.000 unique sets. It will take you 36 years to see all of them. That’s a cost per ident that pleases the producer.

Last week

Designing with restrictions can lead to creative content. Last week I discussed motion designers who took this challenge one step further and limited themselves to simple lines and dots.

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