Enzo’s Monday Motion #42

Designing with restrictions can lead to creative content. The following motion designers took it one step further and limited themselves to simple lines and dots.


Practicus approached Golden Wolf to tell the story of their unique view on the world of business consultancy. The straightforward approach translated into a brand video that’s clean, honest and informative.



The ever increasing number of students ask for a modern approach of the education system. According to Dominik Grejc accessibility and social skills are the two key features.


Testing and Tweaking

A nice change in this set is the 3D abstract animation by Toke Blicher Møller. What started out a single particle test ended up in a nice collection.


Art & Craft

Design & Animation studio Tenggrenska challenged themselves to bring their own logo to life. Inspired by Bauhaus and Geometric motion God Sander Van Dijk they came up with the following result.


Connecting the dots

A music video is basically mixed shots of the artist and the story of the song. Director duo ‘Us’ connected the dots with their concept for the song ‘My number’ by notion tracking the band in action and rendering them out as a classic dot to dot puzzle.


More Lines & Dots

If you’re interested in more, read the first blog about it.

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Enzo Greco

Enzo is motion director van Born05 en schrijver van het blog Enzo's Monday Motion. Vimeo

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