Enzo’s Monday Motion #181: Miniatures

These brands show that size doesn’t matter: six small sets that deliver big promises. 

Made in Miniature

Cadbury chocolate is now also available in snack size.

Production Company Exit Films delivered some beautiful sets which bring the artisanal touch to the very logical concept. Directed by Chris Hill & Lachlan Dickie.

Fly responsibly

The ecological footprint is becoming more and more important to people. KLM shares this feeling (or foresees its pre-care future) and encourages everyone to think twice before taking off.

People judge your video in the first five seconds. Without any context, this KLM spot looks fairly cheap with its plastic plane. It’s not until the third scene you recognise the vibe of miniature sets. A very interesting concept, but also dangerous when it comes the look and feel. Concept by DDB Amsterdam, produced by Shark.

A little taste of big adventure

The Missouri Lottery proves that miniature doesn’t equal cheap.

The style and finesse of the set are so inviting, it instantly attracts your attention. The tiny animals finish the job. A smartly chosen concept with even better execution. Concept by Barkley, produced by Bicmedia.


Talking about a huge, tiny cliffhanger…!

Personally, I would have chosen a different thumb image, but the one taker spot is nicely executed with ditto animated breaking car. Nice job by Merlijn van de Sande.

Forced perspective

Director Virgilio Villoresi shows a strong and interesting style isn’t necessarily high end.

Moleskine was so impressed by this homage to their collection, it added the spot to its own channel. For me, it makes perfect sense since the ad breaths devotion and craftsmanship which are a key to the brand.

Big wars on small screens

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a smart man and makes sure he gets paid for (pretty much) every ‘to the chopper’ that leaves his lips.

Where ancient generals literary ‘played’ with miniatures to plan their next move, army veteran Schwarzenegger strikes with his thumbs in the digital domain of mobile games. A nice concept, directed by Henry Hobson with an even better (VFX) execution by unit+sofa.

Last Week

If you think smartphones are only about the camera, you’re missing the bigger picture. These five mobile brands skip the obvious and choose their own focal point. 

Enzo Greco is Motion Director at Born05.

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Enzo Greco

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