Enzo’s Monday Motion #180: Smartphones

If you think smartphones are only about the camera, you’re missing the bigger picture. These five mobile brands skip the obvious and choose their own focal point.

Google’s Sights of Sound

To attract the millennial target audience, Google promoted its last new phone with an interactive pop-up experience all based around four different (audio and visual) styles.

The ad focusses on the dual front-firing speakers, which delivers a fairly decent base for a phone. Just like the sound (waves), the visuals come flying towards you. The variety is nice and tends to go more minimal towards the end, just like the design of the phone itself. One tiny flaw is the audio miss timing on the end. For a spot which is all about music, timing is key. Motion by Buck, sound design by Mikey Maleki.

The Dreams of Samsung

Samsung triggers your imagination with the new virtually powered Galaxy S7 Edge.

The spot created by Wieden+Kennedy Portland premiered during The Oscars show, which fits perfectly for this blockbuster spot. The different worlds look, just like the transitions amazing. I do wonder why you would kill your good ‘Dino’ friend Carl? Directed by Adam Berg.

Apple’s Private side

Many brands show off with the latest hardware and sky-high performance. Apple finds its USP on a different level, which is important to all: privacy.

You can doubt their pricing, but you can’t argue their well thought design and communication. This spot has a rock-solid concept. All examples are very recognisable and the flow is brilliant until the end including a smart logo animation. Concept by TBWA/MAL, directed by two times Oscar winner Alexander Payne.

Supercharging Huawei

Huawei brags about their indestructible and long-lasting battery.

The Chinese manufacturer follows the cinematic path of Samsung. Adding a bit of humor, a diverse cast, and a classic movie reference. Special shout out to the sweet scene stitching. It makes everything feel very high end en super smooth, just like the alleged performance of the phone. Concept by Fallon and direction by one of my favourites Ian Pons Jewell.

Oppo’s Style

Oppo is a fairly new player and offers decent phones for a sharp price. It aims for a younger audience who haven’t got the big budget but do want to look good. Appearance is everything…

Oppo chose for a unique red and blue colour palette which is nicely embedded in this retro commercial. It apparently works for their home market, since it’s the biggest producer manufacturer in China.

Last Week

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Enzo Greco is Motion Director at Born05.

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Enzo Greco

Enzo is motion director van Born05 en schrijver van het blog Enzo's Monday Motion. Vimeo

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