Enzo’s Monday Motion #178: Six strange music videos

If you want to maximise your impact, you can’t stop at a catchy tune. Six strange music videos that most definitely stick.

Faulty First Aid

Up-and-coming band Easy Life goes on a trip through a hospital where nothing is ‘quite’ right. 

The concept of repetition is well executed. The continuous back pan matches the pace of the song and the little jokes and details make it addictive to watch. The band has definitely caught my attention! Well written and directed by Greg Barth. produced by Blinkink.


The next video is so strange, even the (odd) main character has no idea what happening to him…

After the video, I couldn’t remember the song. Just like those brilliant TV commercials, everyone has seen, but nobody knows who’s it from. A perfect example of going a bit too far. You can’t say Canadian singer/songwriter Mac DeMarco wasn’t warned if you look at the previous work of director / CG artist Cole Kush.

Perfect symbiosis

We stay in Canada for the next video. Sam Tudor returns to his hometown where he’s confronted by the dark realities of small-town life.

Even though the video is a bit weird, it matches perfectly the pace and the storyline of the song. Director Lucas Hrubizna not only managed to translate the core of the song, but he also made it more recognisable and beautiful.

Follow the white rabbit

It all started as just another day ‘at the office’ for our rabbit-saving / bounty hunter protagonist.

Directing duo Ed Kaye and Alex Mavor aka The Sacred Egg didn’t have such a clear backstory as the previous track. It didn’t hold them back to deliver a very strong video that sticks. It could be the start of a new Robert Rodriguez feature film. High scores form casting to art direction. Produced by Riff Raff.

Heated debate

Imagine the United Nations had a little bit more spice like eastern European states. Debates could get slightly more intense…

When DJ Shadow approached director Sam Pilling he asked for a positive, life-affirming video that captures politicians at their election-year. A great example if you have a strong concept, you can convince a client which already has an idea in his head.


Alice Phoebe Lou makes her stand with the classic view of a woman being a lust object or a simple prop for a man.

Director & Editor Colin Read turned the roles around. The concept works for me best with the close-ups. In each of these mini-stories, there’s a clear focus whereas the group shots it gets a bit hectic and lost.

Last week

Sometimes you just want to say more in a single frame. Here are six next level split-screen ads that maximise the power of that extra layer of information.

Enzo Greco is Motion Director at Born05.

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Enzo Greco

Enzo is motion director van Born05 en schrijver van het blog Enzo's Monday Motion. Vimeo

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