Enzo’s Monday Motion #177: Split Screen

Sometimes you just want to say more in a single frame. Here are six next level split screen ads that maximise the power of that extra layer of information.

Looking for each other

This isn’t an ad for a dating app. At least, not the one you’re expecting.

Global freelance marketplace Fiverr focuses on the relationships and connections formed by its service. Not a strange idea when you’re bringing together thousands of freelancers from 190 different countries.

The shots are nicely composed, but you do feel the whole story is a bit over staged. With a bit more natural acting the spot turns from good to brilliant.

Mirror Time

Another brand which focusses on a visual trick is Coca-Cola. This time the split screen is even simpler..

Coca-Cola wants to tell us that no matter which version you drink, the taste will always be the same. I’ll leave their opinion and focus on the idea, which is brilliantly found and executed (skipping the opening scene that is). You feel that even though everything is staged again, the shot feels natural and look great (or refreshing) before and after the ‘reveal’. Concept by McCann, directed by Maxim Blanco and produced by Landia.


Strongbow amplifies their bittersweet taste by going for an experimental split screen ad.

Creative agency St Luke and acclaimed director Steve Cope deliver a beautiful ad where they play around with different styles of the split screen. I like that they don’t focus on the enjoyment which comes with drinking, but the hard work that went into it. Driven by the typical taste it’s a spot that makes sense on many levels.

New Creators’ Showcase

Creative agency Saatchi & Saatchi’s showcases every year the directors of the future. One of them is Spanish filmmaker Claudia Barral who focusses on the relationship between time and space.

Although the pace of the video is very slow, I like her vision that places are the medium where the past meets the present. The inserts almost feel like the classic youtube click-out and I can imagine people actually trying it. Curious what we’ll see from Barral in the near future.

Cubism 2.0

If Pablo Picasso would be still alive, I’m sure he could have directed the next music video.

Big up for director Paul Tillo who was also in charge for the & Post Production. His style is very refreshing and he manages to not only maintain the attention but to guide your focus where he wants it. A beautiful music video produced by Pomp&Clout and shot by DoP Joe Picard.


Pilot stationery celebrates their 100th anniversary with a small spot.

The choice for three equally divided screens makes perfect sense with the centennial celebration. If you look at modern-day mobile usage, it’s even more logical to create portrait mode animations. I guess this little social share benefit had something to do with it and I’m all for it. Concept by Nouveau Monde DDB, directed by Lucas Zanotto.

More Split Screens

Previously I’ve talked about the simplest way for a splitscreen: here are six ads with a simple cut in the middle.

Last Week

Love it, or hate it: musicals have something catchy. Before you know it, you’re humming the tune while shopping. Exactamundo…Sing-a-long with these six spots.

Enzo Greco is Motion Director at Born05.

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Enzo Greco

Enzo is motion director van Born05 en schrijver van het blog Enzo's Monday Motion. Vimeo

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