Enzo’s Monday Motion #176: Musical Style

Love it, or hate it: musicals have something catchy. Before you know it, you’re humming the tune while shopping. Exactamundo…Sing-a-long with these six spots.

The Classic

In the 1950s the world was getting back on track and started to have time again for entertainment. Film-musicals were a big hit and the people of Happy Socks put on their dancing shoes.

Normally choosing a big star means you can take it easy on the crazy concept department. That didn’t stop award-winning music video director Tim Erem and choreographer Michael Rooney to go all out. Pedro Pascal made a smart move and started to rub off his Game of Thrones role.

The rich environment and busy dance moves make it hard for the socks to take their moment of shine. Hence the take-of-the-pants scene. In a musical everything is possible.

The tea side of life

No matter how big your problem is, you can always count on Yorkshire Tea.

The over-happy message matches perfectly with the musical vibe. The one-taker shot is another smart choice. By non-stop following the main character the spot proofs that you can keep ongoing as long as you have your daily cup of Yorkshire Tea.

Over the top

TK Maxx turns the top frustrations of (online) shoppers into a mini-musical.

Wieden+Kennedy London tries to sweep all the doubters and haters with a clear over the top message. It embeds some kind of self-mockery which makes you smile and hopefully link that last feeling with your next buying frenzy. The styling and grading are top-notch, but the classic animated birds give it that final push. Great work directed by Gary Freedman.

Don’t break the magic

Qatar Airways make your dreams come true.

The concept of 180 Kingsday is nice and the production of RSA Films great with crazy transitions and outstanding art direction. Still, the obvious dream world doesn’t hit the right spot. For me, Qatar Airways break the magic when they try to blend their ‘real fake’ flight attendants into the musical-world. It poisons the style and turns the exaggerated happy vibe into a fake one. A great example of all or nothing.

All in

Take away never tasted so good in the magical world of Just-Eat.

Directors Si & Ad know what they’re doing. They open in real life, but only turn on the magic when the app is launched. The crazy world is perfected in every last detail. Even more compliments how they tie the musical world with reality in a funny end. Making sure what sticks is great food delivery.

Musical 2.0

Vodafone ditches Martin Freeman as their poster boy and goes fresh with a fresh musical twist.

Director duo Si & Ad prove that there are more flavours to the musical genre. Even though the ad resembles Apple’s HomePod commercial by Spike Jonze, it still feels fresh and unique. I’m very curious how Vodafone continuous this new line of ads.

Last Week

Creating refreshing work means experimenting. Six examples of happy accident that have lead to interesting work!

Enzo Greco is Motion Director at Born05.

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Enzo Greco

Enzo is motion director van Born05 en schrijver van het blog Enzo's Monday Motion. Vimeo

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