Enzo’s Monday Motion #174: One Taker

Commercials aim to convince you of a brand’s benefit. A beautiful but challenging solution is the so-called one-taker where cause and effect are captured in one single shot. Five examples where brands and creatives bring out the best out of each other.

Wes Anderson

His name stands for beautiful shots that look so damn easy…
just as getting an AMEX credit card.

Anderson doesn’t beat around the bush: this is a commercial. By simply letting him be who (and how) he is, he illustrates the biggest advantage of the card: if you work with a great crew that supports you, you can focus on what’s important to you. Just like American Express with your banking.

At the end we see two hard cuts, thus breaking the one taker flow. I’m curious how perfectionist Anderson got convinced to shoot it like this.

The new normal

Form one great director to the next: Spike Jonze created a beautiful ad for marijuana retailer MedMen.

Although this spot has several cuts, it does follow the principles of the one taker. It tells a story where all events are connected and the transitions in between play an essential role. What’s also very strong is how Jonze visually and conceptually connects the end with the beginning. Making the message of legalisation a full circle.

Over the rainbow

What I love about Honda is that they care about brand awareness as much as purely sales-driven spots. Here’s their sing-a-long commercial that accentuates their philosophy of never stop pursuing your dreams.

Director Scott Lyons does know how to use a drone. The choreography of the cars and the camera are in perfect symbiosis. The timing of the sing-a-long track is a tiny bit off. For that, they should have gone to the masters of timing aka OK Go. Still, a nice spot which tells the brands credo together with their fleet of cars.

A convincing story

Director Johnny Kelly and Nexus Studio put themselves on the map with the stop motioned one taker for Chipotle. This time they team up for Missouri Lottery.

Whereas the ‘original’ was fully handcrafted, the latter is made in 3D. I was surprised and have to admit they’ve made a perfect choice. Sometimes studios make it as a goal to produce something analog just for the sake of it. In the end, it’s about telling your message as convincing as possible within the given means.

Trick Shot Time

Maybe the biggest selling point of the one taker is the proof it’s doable.

Swedish advertising Agency Graviz reconstructs the classic tension build-up we know of a typical snooker game. I enjoy the quality and timing of the audio design: the roaring engine makes an entrance as we reach the climax reveal shot.

For an industry which is all about power, I love that Simba chooses a different angle. One that’s not only creative but also sets them apart.

Last Week

Some brands need that extra push to shine. A celebrity can pull them into the spotlights (and in return, they receive some easy money). Seven shining spots with a win-win combo.

Enzo Greco is Motion Director at Born05.

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Enzo Greco

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