Enzo’s Monday Motion #173: Celebrities

Some brands need that extra push to shine. A celebrity can pull them into the spotlights (and in return, they receive some easy money). Seven shining spots with a win-win combo.

Truck Norris

Chuck stands for power. His no-nonsense attitude and his roundhouse kick have won it from his pour acting skills. Hell, It even brought him an endless list of funny quotes! The Japanese brand uses the all American Hero to overcome the local automotive battle.

Saatchi & Saatchi smartly uses their celebrity only in the opening and closing shots. The story has been set and the truck can take it over. This is not only clever from a production point of view (limited star set time) but even more conceptually: it also buys you a lot of product exposure. Something that many star-spots lack.

Dolph ‘Volvo’ Lundgren

We stay in action hero-land and fly over to the Swedish lands of Volvo and Dolph Lundgren.

Volvo continues its famous Sweed line-up and turns to Dolph for its construction equipment. The Expendables series not only refuelled his career, but it also turned him into a good guy. It almost feels as if Forsman & Bodenfors created a sequel to The Epic Split of Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Rob de ‘Bagel’ Niro

British baker Warburtons has a long history of celebrities. From Stallone to British film classics, to The Muppets we currently end up at De Niro.

When Warburtons steps into the bagel business, it’s a small step for Engine and Freuds to introduce them to the Good Fellas of New York. The storyline follows the usual ingredients of a Warburtons commercial and it ticks all the boxes from concept to execution. Another hit-production directed by Declan Lowney through Another Film Company.

George ‘Coffee’ Clooney

A Nespresso spot without Clooney is like The Muppets without Kermit…

Looking at their dated film references the brand clearly targets an older audience. With this concept McCann New York strings a couple of messages together: the coffee is, like the cast, an A-brand. The classic references tell Nespresso is no one day fly, but here to stay. Better yet: it’s a product you can’t live without. Credits to Framestore for embedding Clooney into the original footage.

Nike’s Dream Team

Why choose one star, if you can line up a complete team?

If you pick the director of X-Men and Kick Ass, you know you end up with a blockbuster spot. As if the brand wouldn’t shine as bright with a simple shot of their star cast. It shows that they expect more from themselves and their products. Concept by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam and beautiful effects by The Mill.

Usain ‘Superfast internet” Bolt

The fastest man alive switches his running shoes for a super-suit.

Convincing a star to join your brand has to be a win-win. Big up for Bolt and his self-humor. He’s as fast as Virgin internet, but unfortunately not as bright. Directed by Jake Szymanski through Caviar.

Smoooth Dogg

Banks aren’t seen as the sexiest and smoothest brands. Swedish payment provider Klarna sees this and went for the smoothest dog around.

Talking about real ambassadorship: Snoop Dogg didn’t only star in the spots, he’s officially investing in the bank as well. Nord DDB delivered a whole series around the rapper.

Last Edition

Every story takes you from A to B. It’s the path that makes it interesting. Five commercials where the transitions are the star of the show.

Enzo Greco is Motion Director at Born05.

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Enzo Greco

Enzo is motion director van Born05 en schrijver van het blog Enzo's Monday Motion. Vimeo

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