Enzo’s Monday Motion #172: In Transition

Every story takes you from A to B. It’s the path that makes it interesting. Five commercials where the transitions are the star of the show.

Good morning

Let’s start this blog like every other day: wake up and have some breakfast…

In the morning you don’t have time so everything has to go as smooth as possible. Lurpak can be the oil, butter of your morning motor. Really nicely visualised by director Kim Gehrig.


The Powerbeats give you the freedom to move (as intense) how you want.

Director Hiro Murai challenged production agency Doomsday to the max by focussing (or better said) stabilising the whole spot around a tiny product like the in-ear headphones. The team succeeded and the story really gives you the sensation of energy and freedom.


Nowadays everybody skips through the opening titles if it takes you more than 20 seconds. Curious how the Discovery Channel tackles this issue with their hit show Gold Rush.

The choice for a hyperlapse (speeded timelapse) works really well to give a minimal backstory of the rough location and the main characters. At the same time, it creates a vibe which matches the world of gold digging.


With T-Mobile Unlimited anything is possible from streaming to shopping.

Anomaly Amsterdam smartly embedded the medium of a phone into their concept. Director Tommie Geraedts added an upbeat vibe with super smart transitions and storytelling.  

Free stream

We swipe forward to Austria and see how provider A1 serves the data consuming telephone audience.

A similar concept and message told through a different story. The smoothness lays in composition and camera pans. The whole vibe is more cinematic including the (slightly forced) love story. Still nicely executed by das Rund Filmproduktion. Concept by GGK MullenLowe, directed by Mario Feil.

More transitions

If you’re hungry for more transition heavy commercials, continue reading over here.

Last Edition

Last time I went BIG: five horsepower driven blockbuster commercials which will put you on the edge of your (car)seat.

Enzo Greco is Motion Director at Born05.

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Enzo Greco

Enzo is motion director van Born05 en schrijver van het blog Enzo's Monday Motion. Vimeo

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