Enzo’s Monday Motion #166: Game of Clones

To honour The Seven Gods, I serve you seven campaign clones of the most beloved show in history (no worries: no S08-spoilers).

Game of Titles

What better way to start this set than some creative and delicious film titles.

Being unique is very hard when you’re dealing with something big as GoT. Moleskine made their version over three years ago, but the cookie brand wins in when it comes to timing.

The creatives from 360i teamed up with Elastic, the production company who created the original titles. It only took them an army of 2,750 Oreos to finish the map from Essos to Westeros.

Water of Thrones

For some, this set may feel like an atonement. For this particular squire for sure…

Commercial gods like Nestle didn’t really appreciate the spot and (unsuccessfully) filed a lawsuit against SodaStream. The disruptive brand continued their winning streak with multiple ad awards. Great concept and execution from Allenby.

S06E05: The Door

If you had to name one actor who has no chance at all after GoT, it’s Kristian Nairn. Who? Hod….

With 32 million views the healthier rice box spot by BBH-London is KFC’s most successful social post of all times. You don’t have to feel sorry for Nairn though. He has gathered a fair amount of money with multiple campaigns for bitcoins (mentioned two weeks ago) and Samsung.

King of the Northern Banks

A Lannister always pays his debt, but from now on you can also trust an unfortunate Crow!

You don’t need pretty boy Jon nor the official approval of GoT to inspire people. Vanquis Bank shows us that an underdog with a smaller budget can win as well. Director Phil Hawkins and Velvet delivered a whole set of commercials.

The Quest

Some stories use only a ring and some hobbits, some use four dozen of main characters to kill some white walkers. In the end, it’s all about a quest.

Even though they have the real Queen Margery and all-star Clooney, it’s the worst spin-off if you would ask me. The king’s knight without the gruesome scenery and ditto soundtrack is not GoT worthy.

The Final

Bud Light attacked Miller and Coors with a full fleet of Super Bowl spots.

They may have a pure beer, but it doesn’t get cornier than Bud’s humor. The belated response of Miller – discussed two weeks ago – was nice, but not good enough. What would you expect if you’re backed up by Khaleesi’s dragons? Concept by Wieden+Kennedy New York.

The Future

No doubt HBO is already deep into production of (multiple?) spin-off(s). This is one which could easily be their new hit.

The web is filled with beautiful fan material, but on a motion level, I haven’t seen many as good as this one from Gilles Augustijnen. His homage is a mash-up between Game of Thrones and Westworld. The concept credits have to go to the beautiful (mashup) sound design by composer Brandon Chapman.

Have fun watching the final season.

Last Week

Stop motion might be a very tedious technique, but you’ll get features like craftsmanship and authenticity ‘for free‘.

Enzo Greco is Motion Director at Born05.

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Enzo Greco

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