Enzo’s Monday Motion #164: April Fools

Be extra aware today, cause you can get fooled before you know it…


French fries or potato wedges? Why choose McDonald’s wondered!

The fool’s already on you if you thought this is fake! McDonalds learned from data insights people always wondered what to order next to their burger. For one week they were choice-free! Which happened to be the first week of April 2018.

The campaign went trending over Twitter and the burger bar sold over one million #FritesPotatoes. Although the spot translated the choosing dilemma quite clear with a split screen, I don’t think this is what made the campaign such a big success.

Payback Time

Miller Lite took a big hit when Bud light joked about their obscure ingredients. Miller took their revenge by showing what really happened on set…

Miller reminds drinkers that, in the real world, taste is what matters. Maybe a bit childish concept of DDB, but I do like the execution by director Daniel Wolfe!

Bud wouldn’t be Bud if they hadn’t pre-recorded their response. This can get very ugly (and funny : ) in the near future…

Blow of some steam

All those pranks can make you feel quite edgy. Maybe it’s time for some meditation?

The ad originally aired on Mindfulness Day (12 September), but could easily be used today. After the smart Christmas ad, KFC pulls again all the attention on them, thanks to the brilliant minds of Mother.

Feeling over tensed before today’s over? Why not enjoy a full set of comforting KFC sounds.


Maybe one of the worst things of April Fools is the fear of missing out. When the whole world shares a joke and you end up as the victim…

Director Bart Timmer can easily be called the King of Comedy. His storytelling never lacks timing, tension build and an eye for detail.

One-Trick Pony

Which actor wouldn’t be on Game of Thrones? Well, you may end up as a one-trick pony. Especially if your whole script consists of one.. single.. word…

I’m 100% sure Kristian Nairn received over a hundred similar requests. eToro was the smartest one giving the giant the perfect excuse to express his feelings. Great concept by BBR Saatchi & Saatchi.

Point of View

The measure of amusement can vary from the eye of the beholder. Just like this music video changing perspective can enlighten you.

Maybe a bit lugubrious change of perspective but you can’t deny it’s a very strong one! The simple repetitive shot works great for the storyline. Better yet, it makes the whole idea of perspective even stronger. Directed by Yago Partal.

Last Week

The sun is shining bright and that’s not strange: Spring is here!

Enzo Greco is Motion Director at Born05.

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Enzo Greco

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