Enzo’s Monday Motion #163: Springtime

Even though many are waiting for winter finally to come, I’m already enjoying spring in the meantime.

Natural beauty

The pure and natural aspect of Huygens cosmetics is a fundamental part of their identity. In a classic Disney style, they tell us the story behind their products.

What does Game of Thrones have in common with Disney’s Bambi?

The illustrated art background painting aka matte painting! Parallel Studio followed this tradition which is produced by Hugo Leick and Pierre Albanese.

The biggest compliment though I have to give to the symbiosis between the music (Julien Vega and Parallel) and the animation. It makes you float with the leaves and follow them until the very end. And that is what every commercial is all about.

More flowers!

Bloemenbureau Netherlands advocates the wonderful, magical and incredibly diverse effects that flowers have on people.

The promote one of the biggest (legal) Dutch export products 180 Kingsday thought big. The campaign almost feels like a SIRE-spot, with a slightly different outcome. The style is fresh and focusses on a younger, more outgoing audience. I’m very curious what it will bring.
Directed by Lisette Donkersloot and produced by Since’88.

It’s out there

Before blossoming comes pollination. The same investment goes for big companies like Telecom giant AT&T.

BBDO, New York came up with a visual attractive metaphor for the invisible product of AT&T. Feeling free outside with mother nature is very good, but imagine this spot with a slightly darker soundtrack and suddenly it becomes a plague. Still credits to the CGI work by The Mill and direction of TWiN.

Party time

Talking about the power of sound. After this spot, you’ll never see blooming flowers as before…

As if mother nature is thanking every public transport commuters for their well-thought choice. French flower stylist Garance Du Nord provided over 50 species for the film entirely shot in a studio. Over 200 hours of production resulting in 14.000 pictures and one great result.

The concept of TBWA makes the choice of shooting on black very clear, but it does make the spot feel a bit dark and heavy. The directors at Caravane chose wisely for vibrant flowers that (not accidentally) match the colours of the client. Watch the behind the scenes the catch a glimpse of the laborious project.

Crazy Daisies

For sure not your every day Prada item!

I leave the judgment of taste up to you, but the spot for sure matches the crazy (plastic) look and feel! The concept of 2×4 NY was directed by Pleid, with art direction and animation of Juanma Mota.

Last Week

The gaming industry is similar to the film industry. It makes perfect sense they have their own set of trailers to trigger their crowd. Grab your consoles and get set for six game-teasers!

Enzo Greco is Motion Director at Born05.

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Enzo Greco

Enzo is motion director van Born05 en schrijver van het blog Enzo's Monday Motion. Vimeo

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