Enzo’s Monday Motion #161: Life Time Lapse

Brands not only want to show off with their latest work but also their heritage. What better way to portray growth, endurance, and relevancy through the lives of their audience. Six commercials that are bigger than life.

The start of an era

Back in 2009, John Lewis wasn’t yet the Ad-king as we know today. Their maturity raises side by side with Adam & Eve starting with their first campaign Always a woman”.

The two started instantly with a high-quality concept and production. The storyline flows fluently with similar transitions. Just like the payoff it’s the start of a lifelong commitment between advertiser and ad agency.

Grown Up

Another classic spot is made by Nissan, where a young boy turns mature together with Nissan’s sports car.

Maybe camera wise less appealing, but storywise just as good. Where the previous spot made random time lapses, here we see a fluent, high-speed timeline. Concept by TBWA, directed and post produced by Steve Mottershead.

Circle of Life

As if the previous two commercials had a lovechild: imagine the budget (and style) from John Lewis with the storyline of Nissan.

The production team of MJZ, Sterntag were placed in a tough position filming inside the car. Concept wise a smart shot: it places the audience central, making the brand very social (and hiding the ugly old Hyundais at the same time).

Hoyte van Hoytema shines with his brilliant camerawork and so does The Mill serving smooth scene transitions. A high-end spot for a ditto market. Concept by Jung von Matt, directed by Nicolai Fuglsig.

Time Flies

To celebrate their 20th birthday, easyJet follows the (love)story of a frequent flying couple.

Talking about a literal circle of life on the Ferris wheel. Very nice concept by VCCP, which can’t be said about the acting. Then again we are talking about low budget airlines 😉 Directed by Mark Zilbert through Rogue.

Love of your life

One never knows when they will find their true love..

Director, animator Gary Levesque left his 3D-love for a 2D adventure which feels like Disney’s UP with a happy end. Talking about movie references, let’s skip the colour pallet of Schindler’s List. The roses do work in the same recognising way though. Concept by Wonderful Agency and produced by Blacklist.

The one taker

The show ‘Kidding’ with Jim Carrey didn’t reach the big audience, but this one taker most definitely reached tv producing scene. Below a split screen where you see the output on the right, and the insane production (with director audio cues) on the left.

I have no words for this insane spot. Big up for the whole production team at Aggregate Films.

Last Week

Buckle up and start your engines, because five flying commercials are about to take off!

Enzo Greco is Motion Director at Born05.

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Enzo Greco

Enzo is motion director van Born05 en schrijver van het blog Enzo's Monday Motion. Vimeo

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